March 29, 2014

An Actual Strength Training Workout

I dropped the ball on Admission Wednesdays, y'all - but I'm sure your Wednesday chugged right along without any problems.

I've been running more lately! Being in Texas always motivates me to get moving since my food consumption always seems to increase while I'm here. I just can't stay away from the Mexican food, y'all....

On Thursday, I ran 2 miles with the puppy dog, and then completed a Peanut Butter Fingers workout on a whim.

The weather was AWESOME even if it was a little cloudy. I loved it!

Cycle through each block non-stop for 3 minutes, then rest 30 seconds before moving on
The squats killed me (I'm still sore!), and I did most of the blocks (except "run") in order except for the last few. I saved the minute shuffles, bear crawl, and backwards run for upstairs to partly play around with my dog as well. He had a blast. :P

I didn't have any equipment except for a stability ball - I used two water bottles as my "weights", which worked okay. So, this would be a great workout to do when you didn't have a lot of equipment. You could probably just do hip raises (to bridge pose) if you didn't have a stability ball, or skip that workout altogether. The workout took less than 40 minutes! I would definitely recommend it. It went by really fast!

Today, on Saturday, I went for another short run with the dog before my flight tonight to Austin.

Just a little slower than the previous run. Perfect weather again!! 62 degrees and sunny!

If you can tell, I still have some makeup on from the previous day - I had my Bridal Portraits done on Friday! It was so much fun. I had my makeup and hair done (it was the trial for my wedding day) in the morning, and then we drove over to my mom's friends gorgeous house to take the portraits. I can't wait to post some on the blog after the wedding!!

We're getting down to the wire - just about 5 weeks left until the wedding! EEK.

March 24, 2014

Slowly Getting Faster

I'm feeling so productive today! I mean really, for me productivity means putting in a load of laundry, going for a run, and coming back with enough time to shower, divvy up the next loads, and set out my clothes for packing, all before the first load was even done! Score! (How's that for a run-on sentence??)

Speaking of runs (hah), I've got some to catch up on, so first let me lay them out here:

The above run was completed last Friday, and it was kind of dismal. I felt so cold beforehand and couldn't seem to warm up even though it was bright and sunny. (It was 52 degrees, prime running weather). I felt really winded during it, and my hip started acting up again. What is up with that?!?

In contrast, however--

Today's run: negative splits, bright sunshine, only a few degrees warmer - and it felt like a completely different run. I felt strong, motivated, like I could keep going... and looking at the times, this run wasn't even a minute faster than the Friday run. How strange that a few key factors being different can completely change the run!

Rocking the UT hat again today, along with my Nike Women's Marathon t-shirt
I realized that I'm really not running as much as I was in the previous months, but I figured that was okay because I've been going to so much yoga. I decided to compare, and February's total miles (13.1 miles) was the lowest amount of mileage I've ran since June of 2012 (when I ran a measly 5 miles total for the month). Even in September of 2012, I ran 13.3 miles - hey, that .3 extra counts.

It really surprised me, because I feel like I've been running a lot - getting in 3 miles a week is a great challenge for me, but I realized that what's really the most challenging is running outside. I used to be able to run so easily on the treadmill- just go to the gym, hop on, and hop off. But I think forcing myself to run outside is a really good thing. After all, that's where all the races happen, right? Better to train on the actual terrain than on a belt that moves under your feet.

One thing that did lift my spirits about my running is my pace over the years....!

I fly back to Dallas tomorrow for my final dress fitting, final catering appointment, and trial makeup session followed by bridal portraits. Yikes! So much stuff. Then it's off to Austin on Saturday to hang out for a little mini vacation (JW has a conference there) and then we're going to my former roommate's wedding that Saturday. So excited!!

Lots of fun stuff happening lately! We're just under the 6 week mark for the wedding - aahhhh!!

March 19, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Girlfriends

I admit... I have the best girlfriends.

I admit... I still go on sleepovers. I'm 25. I had a blast.

I admit... Sometimes I get surprise gifts from good friends, and I am extremely humbled.

Here's to hoping your week is going as well as mine is!

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March 14, 2014

Disappearing Teachers and Phantom Pain

On Wednesday, I didn't go to Yoga, but I decided to go on a run. I almost didn't make it out, but made myself take it one step at a time:

Step 1: Change out of pajamas.
Step 2: Change into running clothes.
Step 3: No matter how long it takes, stay in running clothes until you go outside and run.

And honestly, I stayed in my running clothes for about 2 hours before I eventually got outside to go run. But that doesn't matter, because at least I did it, right??

Taken at the halfway point
Highway views

The run was great - it had a big uphill in that third mile, which is why I slowed down so much, but I was really trying to put in the effort to go fast, so I'm happy with my time.

On Thursday, I didn't go to Yoga either - instead, I took a 2.5 mile walk around downtown while I ran some errands. I thought that was better than nothing, anyways. 

I think I feel a little... resentful? towards yoga lately. Ever since I came back from my week and a half vacation, the studio hasn't felt the same. I haven't felt challenged or pushed at all, and I could never seem to get the teachers I wanted. I delved a little further into their schedule and saw that my favorite teachers wouldn't be teaching at all in the next couple of weeks. What gives?!? I know that teachers bounce around from studio to studio, but that doesn't really work for me when my Year of Yoga is to the studio, not to the teachers. Maybe they'll come back? A year is a long time....

My hip has been really acting up recently, and I'm trying to go easy on it. A run probably wasn't the way to do that - I probably should have gone to yoga instead - oh well. I think I might start experimenting with wearing my knee brace- it doesn't seem to be my hip that's the problem, but something underlying, like ankle or knee pain. Maybe I need to get my shoe inserts replaced? I got them less than a year ago, though.. hmm.

Ever had knee pain that presented itself as hip pain?

March 12, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Welcoming the Sun

I admit... The sun is doing WONDERS for my psyche. Seriously I feel so much more positive and I can't even tell you how awesome it was to walk out of yoga yesterday and the sun was still bright and shining. And it was 5:30! And I checked my phone and saw that sunset wouldn't be until 7:00 and I almost cried from happiness. The sun makes such a huge difference and I'm so, so, SO happy that it's decided to come out from hiding since October.

Hi, I'm a giraffe.
Mountains in the distance!!
I admit... I'm trying to focus on positivity. Too often I find myself being frustrated with the things I've chosen to do. This isn't right. Sure, for a while I thought "Push yourself out of your comfort zone! New city, new things!" but after a year and a half of being discontent upon waking up the morning of an obligation that I really didn't want to do (teaching, being a camp counselor, etc.)... I've gotten kind of tired of it. Today is the last obligation I have for a while, other than seeing shows my friends are in, and the wedding. I think, after the wedding... it's time for me to choose things that just make me happy.

Yoga is my positive.
I admit... The above doesn't mean I'm giving up. I'm still going to go to auditions, go back to voice lessons, go to that acting coach, etc. That stuff makes me excited to do. I'm talking about the things I choose to do just because I'm sort of good at it. Like choosing to work in retail just because I'm good and efficient at doing laundry and folding clothes. That's... not a good reason. Being a teacher is another thing. I'm just inherently good at it, so I gravitate towards jobs that involve it. But I dread it every single time it comes up on my calendar, and afterwards I don't feel that fulfilled. So why do it at all?

<3 some of my best friends
I admit... I'm posting this on a Thursday and I suck. But... my blog, my rules, right?

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March 10, 2014

Chilly: Weather and Dog

I admit I've fallen off the grid as well as out of the blogging world - apologies all around! I just got back from my bachelorette party weekend in San Diego, and am playing catch up. Anyways, we left off in Dallas...

The snow and ice in Dallas rendered running pointless until the ice unfroze on the sidewalks. I still can't believe it actually snowed and iced over while I was there in late February. Crazy!! So, I couldn't run until Tuesday afternoon (March 4th), but I welcomed it with open arms!

A little pit stop back at the house about halfway through - A slightly new route that's not an out-and-back (shocker!)
I was spot-checking a route that my Dad uses to walk Chilly (our poodle), so he wanted to know if I was getting the same distance as his MapMyRun app was giving him.  It was! After I came back to report my findings, I went out for just under 2 more miles. I was just about done at 3.5 miles, but I found the energy to push on.

:/ yep, hip is acting up yet again

Pretty good time, considering!
After I came home I immediately grabbed a water bottle and laid down on the floor. I tried sprinting that last bit of the mile and I was wiped out. Chilly thought I was playing with him :)

It's my favorite thing. Of course I obliged!

Being silly.
Teasing :)
I was happy I got to take some time out of my crazy go-go-go schedule in Dallas to run, and to play with my dog. I got enough rest so I felt really good on Thursday morning when I took my flight out to San Diego!

Next up: Bachelorette!!

March 5, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Dallas Showers (Bridal and Snow)

I admit... Wedding stuff is stressing me out. Currently I'm typing this post from Dallas. I'm here for a few wedding chores before I go off to my Bachelorette shindig in San Diego on Thursday (can't wait!!), but mainly I'm here for Shower #1, Dress Fitting #2, and meeting with the reception venue coordinator, as I've never seen it in person. Though those are three very small obligations, that doesn't include the shopping we did for the veil, garter, earrings (still haven't found those yet), bridesmaid accessories, and mother of the bride dress & shoes. Seriously, ALL of Saturday and Sunday was devoted to shopping for accessories and clothes. I'm exhausted!!

I admit... I am actually kind of really upset that I didn't get any pictures of my Bridal Shower, of my table with presents on it, or of me with any of my guests (except two quick ones at the end: 1 with my mom and sister, 1 with me and my bridesmaids). I think a few people took some with their iPhones of me opening presents but I can't help but assume they're all blurry. :(

One of the only pictures I took :(
me and 3 of my bridesmaids :)
My mom and my sister!
Despite the lack of pictures, I had a lovely time. I got a lot of great stuff that was listed on my registry, but I also got something that wasn't on my registry: an apron from my grandmother who hosted the shower. It was so thoughtful!! And cute, too!

I also received really nice letters and well wishes, but I think my favorite was this old picture of me and my maid of honor, who wasn't able to make it:

Aren't we precious??
I admit... I've gotten used to the familiarity of always knowing what temperature it is outside. In Seattle, it's always 45-50 degrees, and either cloudy or beautiful. If it rains, it's not that bad. We've been having some bad wind recently but that's only really been at night. In any case, I haven't had to check my phone constantly to see what I needed to wear.

Welp, that's definitely not the case in Dallas. I got in Friday night and it was about 80, on Saturday we were shopping all day in about 75 degree weather, and had dinner out on the patio that in the nice 70 degree weather.

Eating on the patio at Blue Goose Cantina Saturday night- YUM
But, by Sunday it was 25 degrees.

And icing. And snowing.

....What?!? It was 80 degrees less than 36 hours before this picture was taken!
I admit... I still get really excited about snow, and don't mind so much when I have to borrow my mom's hat, coat, and gloves to be able to go outside and not freeze to death. I think cold weather makes everyone pretty stylish if you know what accessories to wear.

Next up: Running!

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