February 26, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Falling on My Face Twice

I admit... I've kind of forgotten how to write a proper blog post. It's just so easy to put things in bullet points and add some pictures. I mean, honestly I'm not blogging as much because I'm not doing much more than wedding stuff, yoga, and the occasional jog. There's not much to write about when you do the same stuff every day, you know?  

So, sorry in advance, but this post is gonna be all over the place..

Some nice sky shots to get us started.
I admit... I'm getting a little too confident in yoga. I just get in this zone and try things, which I'm sure is encouraged, but I keep getting injured because of it. I'm kind of prone to getting injured since I feel like half of my posts mention me with some kid of injury.

During yoga on Saturday, I ended up pulling a thigh muscle. I think we were doing Wild Thing (basically the link explains it, but instead of a bent leg, it's straight and off the ground), and I was trying to use my core to lift my leg, but my thigh just ended up trying to do most of the work. I spent the next three days stretching it out, before it felt better, as shown here:

Be jealous of my socks.
Yesterday, in Power, I was in Crow pose (sometimes called Crane), and playing around with going from that to Tripod Headstand, where you lower your head slowly and then go into the headstand. Well, I've done it a few times before, but I guess yesterday I was going too fast and I basically slammed the left side of my head into the floor. Neat.

But that's not all. Today, in Power, we were in Dolphin pose, playing around with lifting our legs/torso, hopping, and seeing if we could balance on our forearms in a kind of forearm-stand. I felt a little too confident, hopped up on my first try, and immediately tumbled over my left shoulder, slammed my LIP into the floor, and felt the back of my neck crack. Yeah, it was great. I was okay, but now I have a fat lip. If you can even tell....

Pity me.
 Now the whole left side of my face hurts.

I admit... I wish I was running more. Reasons are twofold: it would make me blog more. It would make me be outside more. I would be generally happier. But alas, because of the aforementioned injuries and a general desire to not run, I haven't been. Though, I do have two runs since the last post!

The first run was completed in desperation on Saturday night, around 9. Even though I had really bad hip pain, I just wanted to clock 3 miles for the week, so I went on the treadmill and pounded it out. It hurt really, really bad.

Hurt enough that I made a note about it!

At least I got negative splits...?

I'm just used to being sweaty and gross now. It's my new normal.
I was happy I got the run over with, but I paid for it the next three days. I didn't run again until this morning, when it was a glorious 56 degrees and partly cloudy. It was glorious!

This run was hard. I was really, really trying to keep the pace - as you can see, I succeeded those first two miles but then that last mile I completely failed at it. At least the overall pace was faster than the pace on the treadmill.
The view wasn't bad.
Sweaty and gross, take 3!
I admit... I love seeing musicals, and I love my friends. I love combining the two. Last Thursday, I went to see my old castmates in A Little Night Music at Second Story Repertory, and it was fantastic. Even though I went alone, I still really enjoyed it. Everyone's voices were exactly where they should be, and really it just blew me away.

On Friday night, we went over to our friend's house to watch Who Framed Roger Rabbit- our friends had never seen it before! I was aghast. That movie is awesome. After that, we went to a friend's birthday party at Cowgirls, Inc. and scored a parking spot right in front of the bar. In Seattle, this is nothing short of a miracle!

At Cowgirl's
 Cowgirl's is a bar where you can get up on the bar and dance. I may or may not have participated....

On Sunday, I went with my friend Lauren to see our other friend Chelsea in the closing performance of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at Seattle Musical Theatre, which is the same company that put on Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, which I was in last October. It was wonderful! I had a great time catching up with Lauren and was really entertained.

I admit... I'm super excited to fly to Texas on Friday and have my first bridal shower on Saturday! I am also so pumped that I've gotten so many wedding related things done this week. We ordered the Bridesmaid dresses, picked the Bridal Portrait location, decided on the Tux shirt/tie colors, decided on a florist, and started researching makeup artists for the big day. I've also gotten the invitations all stamped and ready to mail!!

Tall stack of envelopes ready to go!

Hope everybody's week has been stellar! I'll try to update more often!

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  1. Hope you are feeling better!!

    What did you think of Cowgirls Inc? I've seen it before and was thinking it may be fun for my bachelorette party.

    1. Depends on what kind of bachelorette party you want! We danced on the bar, there's a section where only the girls can dance, and then there's a bull that you can ride. There were the typical older dudes walking around creepily watching all the girls, but they weren't too bad. I was there with a boatload of girls and everybody seemed to have a really good time. I'm not sure I personally would go there for my bachelorette, but I was certainly entertained.

  2. Thanks! Yeah I wouldn't really want to go somewhere with creepy old guys staring the whole time! Do you know of any fun bars/clubs downtown? I've never actually gone out anywhere down there cause a cab back to Kirkland has never been worth it!