March 12, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Welcoming the Sun

I admit... The sun is doing WONDERS for my psyche. Seriously I feel so much more positive and I can't even tell you how awesome it was to walk out of yoga yesterday and the sun was still bright and shining. And it was 5:30! And I checked my phone and saw that sunset wouldn't be until 7:00 and I almost cried from happiness. The sun makes such a huge difference and I'm so, so, SO happy that it's decided to come out from hiding since October.

Hi, I'm a giraffe.
Mountains in the distance!!
I admit... I'm trying to focus on positivity. Too often I find myself being frustrated with the things I've chosen to do. This isn't right. Sure, for a while I thought "Push yourself out of your comfort zone! New city, new things!" but after a year and a half of being discontent upon waking up the morning of an obligation that I really didn't want to do (teaching, being a camp counselor, etc.)... I've gotten kind of tired of it. Today is the last obligation I have for a while, other than seeing shows my friends are in, and the wedding. I think, after the wedding... it's time for me to choose things that just make me happy.

Yoga is my positive.
I admit... The above doesn't mean I'm giving up. I'm still going to go to auditions, go back to voice lessons, go to that acting coach, etc. That stuff makes me excited to do. I'm talking about the things I choose to do just because I'm sort of good at it. Like choosing to work in retail just because I'm good and efficient at doing laundry and folding clothes. That's... not a good reason. Being a teacher is another thing. I'm just inherently good at it, so I gravitate towards jobs that involve it. But I dread it every single time it comes up on my calendar, and afterwards I don't feel that fulfilled. So why do it at all?

<3 some of my best friends
I admit... I'm posting this on a Thursday and I suck. But... my blog, my rules, right?

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