July 24, 2014

Rain in July???

Has Seattle not gotten the memo that it's July? Is it still confused and thinking it's June-uary? This past week it's been absolutely miserable - rainy, grey, and cold. What is going on??

This week is tech week for the dance camp that I'm in - I can't believe the performances are this weekend! I'm kind of ready for it to end, though - I have an intense bruise on my spine and my shoulder, and I feel like I haven't had a good night's sleep in forever. I'm kind of considering getting a massage after all of this is over - but then I remember I have to move into our new house, as well. When will it end??

So, this week's runs were not my favorite. The first 7 miler on Monday was fine - Winter hadn't hit yet. I ran the first half with my friend Chelsey, and the second half alone.

The beginning of the clouds
The second 7 miler was on Wednesday, and the first half with Chelsey was nice, dry, and pleasant! The second half was spent entirely in the rain... completely miserable.

completely SOAKED - ugh!!
I ran another 3 miles today (Thursday) with Chelsey, and we thought we were going to get rained on - but fortunately we didn't. We started out a little too fast, but that's not always a bad thing! We almost got negative splits - so close! By 1 second!

these clouds just won't go away!
With tech week, running, and the thought of moving, it's all very exciting stuff, but just a bit too much all at once! I know it'll die down soon.. one day at a time, right??

Some good news is that I also booked my flight to meet my mom in Colorado for a road trip in September - can't wait for that little mini vacation!

July 19, 2014

Feels Like Training Again

It's official! In addition to the 10K, I'm officially also training for the Bellingham Bay Half Marathon on September 28!

My training plan is following the half marathon, and I'm just kind of shoving the 10K race in there. It's in less than a month! Man, time really is flying.

Friday morning started off with a really perfect training run - 4 miles in the hills, all negative splits, with my friend Chelsey.

No pictures of us because I figured we looked like death at 5:15 in the morning.

I wanted to wake up early this morning to tackle my farthest distance in this training cycle yet: 9 Miles. I hadn't run that close to 10 miles in.. what feels like forever, and I just wanted to get it over with this morning, meaning around 6 or 7am. Well, I didn't get out of bed until about 7:45 (naturally), and didn't get to my destination until about 8, starting my run around 8:15am.

Another deer sighting! There were two, but I could only catch this one.

I tried out a new trail - the East Lake Sammamish Trail. This trail connects to Marymoor Connector, which is what I start on mostly, but I go the other way, towards the Sammamish River Trail. Sometimes I'd go towards the East Lake Sammamish Trail, but would only get a little ways before I turned around back to Marymoor.

I tried to go to this trail when I ran 7 Miles on Wednesday, but was thwarted by no free parking. Well this time, I figured it out! I just parked at the McDonalds across the street, and it turns out that tons of other runners/bikers do that as well.

The run was pretty good, but I was feeling kind of tired. I ate two prunes with peanut butter in the middle as my fuel around Mile 3- first time I've done that! It was pretty good, just kind of messy.

I'm doing really well with keeping my last mile my fastest, but man this was a mentally tough run. I stopped at Mile 1.5 to take a picture of the deer, and thought I was going to stop at the halfway point, but I made myself push through. I'm happy that there's so much green in my paces!

I feel like I've gotten slower though? I keep looking at my Seattle Half Marathon paces, all in the 8s, and wonder how the hell I did that. How did I get so fast? And I seemed to have gotten super fast by accident, too. So many of my posts are like "I was tired, but I still ran super fast!" without any kind of effort. Was it because I was training for the marathon, and was just ecstatic that I wasn't running 15+ miles? Hmm.

After my run, JW and I got brunch at Issaquah Cafe, which was DELICIOUS.

The pancakes are JW's (pumpkin! jealous!), but mine was the "Potato Burrito" and it was GLORIOUS. "Scrambled eggs, baby reds, ground sausage, Tillamook cheddar, diced tomatoes and green onion wrapped in a flour tortilla, drizzled with avocado cream sauce" With a side of fruit. YUMMM. JW also got the Eggs Benedict, which were delicious.

With a long, early run on Saturday, plus delicious brunch, plus officially registering for the half, it really does feel like I'm back in the thick of traditional training again. Woohoo!

July 18, 2014

My Wedding Day: The Ceremony

All photography copyrighted by Kelly Garsee Photography.

Catching Up? Check out My Wedding Day: Pre-Ceremony.

Before the doors to the chapel opened, I kept my nerves at bay by making my Dad laugh.

We're just goofy like that. I heard our entrance music, "Sinfonia" by Handel, and it was time to walk! Finally!!

My eyes immediately found JW's, and he looked as handsome as ever. I was told he mouthed the word "Wow" when he saw me :)

I was trying my best to hold it together - I had convinced myself that I would immediately start crying as I walked down the aisle, because I always cried at other people's weddings - but the tears didn't come! I was just so happy. I was so ready to be married to my best friend.

A nice little moment between my sister and I :)

After what felt like the longest walk ever, where I made eye contact with all my family and friends (what a nice moment to recognize everyone!), we finally made it to the end of the aisle, where my dad told the Reverend that he and my mom were giving me away, gave me a kiss, and then passed my hand over to JW's.

I held hands with JW for the first time that day, and we looked at each other and just smiled. We were getting married!! It was happening!!

We walked up the two steps with our Reverend, Matron of Honor, and Best Man, and said a prayer.

Then, we turned around for the Affirmations of the Families of Faith, so our friends and family could promise to do everything in their power to uphold us in our marriage, to which they responded "We do."

Then we turned back around and faced each other so we could hold each other's hands for the sermon.

 I guess some of it was funny...? :D

taken by our friend, Micah
Then it was time to recite our vows - what I was positive I would cry through.

taken by our friend, Micah
But I didn't! I didn't cry through his vows, or when he put my wedding ring on my finger...

Or when I recited mine, or put the ring on his finger...

With the rings exchanged, it was time for my dear childhood friend Mallory to sing The Lord's Prayer.

I can't accurately describe how beautiful her voice was, echoing in the church with the organ as her accompaniment. Her voice is crystal clear and precise, with absolutely soaring high notes, and she sings with so much emotion that it was impossible not to be moved. Honestly, just the fact that she's been our friend since 7th grade, even if she had sung horribly, I would have still had a hard time not feeling emotion just from the fact that it meant so much to us that she was there. For me, it was the point in the ceremony where I was forcefully telling myself to hold it together!

Then came the Charge and Blessing and the Announcement of Marriage. A sweet moment between our Reverend and JW:

And then... Married!!

Yep, we kissed twice :)

Everybody clapped for us as we were announced as "Mr. and Mrs. JW Peters!"

Our Recessional was "Sortie Toccata" by Dubois, a nice upbeat song that, when listened to, really screamed "WE JUST GOT MARRIED!".. at least to us :P.

And then, I started to cry! Of course.

Happy tears, of course :)

All the bridesmaids and groomsmen followed.

We did it!! We got married!!!

Next up: the "formal" pictures, then the reception!

July 17, 2014

I'm Becoming a Morning Runner

These weeks are just flying by! I can't believe it's Thursday already.. time to catch up!


I started the week by trying to run a few miles in my temporary new neighborhood. We're staying with friends for the next two weeks until our house closes. It's worked out really well so far!

It was a little slow because I was feeling pretty beat, and I didn't know where I was going so I hit some intense hills. At least the scenery was pretty!


The next morning, I got up super early to run with my housemate (?), which was awesome because now I have a running buddy!

A little slow again, but I think it's a triumph to run that fast and be able to hold a conversation! Also: we saw a bunny rabbit, and more importantly, A DEER.

From across the street! Chelsey grabbed my arm and told me to stop and this deer just stared at us. It was so awesome!!

A little hard to see, but still sooo cool! It was also awesome to end our workout by 6am. I felt like time was infinite - like I could do any task and still have time to do whatever I wanted! - but of course, I took a nap. Ho-hum.

Since we only did 3.3 miles, and I had 5 miles written down to complete, I just finished it out after my voice lesson. It kind of sucked that it was so much hotter, but I got to work on my speed a little more.

Yikes! Super hot. But at least it was short?


The next morning, I started to realize that if I only ran 3 miles in the morning with Chelsey, and then took a huge break and ran again later in the day, it wouldn't really be training for longer distances at all - more like just short distances. So, the next morning, I told Chelsey I'd run with her for 3 miles, and then I'd run by myself. I felt perfectly safe, as the sun is almost fully out, and there are even other runners out in the neighborhood!

I was pretty happy about it - the first three miles with Chelsey got faster and faster, and after I took a breather, the second three miles just got faster and faster, even though they started slower. This one was a struggle - her neighborhood is really hilly, and hard to get used to. My hamstrings were really sore for two days after this!

The morning views are absolutely stunning!!


I enjoyed a well deserved sleep in, and performed the NTC Beginner Get Strong Pump Station, but I feel like I only did about 3/4ths of it because my hamstrings were still so sore. Remember, I'm going to dance class every weeknight from 6pm-10pm!


Today I got back at it, and drove the 30 minutes to my marathon training park (Marymoor Park) - though it's so nice that we get to stay with our friends, they're pretty far away from the things we're used to - so I could run 7 un-hilly miles. They felt great, though it was a bit cold!

60 degrees (and windy!) is a bit chilly when running in short sleeves - I would have been much more comfortable in long sleeves, but of course all my long sleeved workout tops are in storage. Womp, womp!

I wasted some gas and drove all the way back to Issaquah so I could shower, and then drove all the way back to Redmond so I could go to a Restore Yoga class, but it was SO worth it. My hamstrings aren't screaming at me anymore, and I just feel so relaxed! With the additional nightly dance classes, I'm only going to Restore Yoga classes instead of trying to add on Power Yoga. I think it's probably really smart.

Phew, so here we are! The week will continue with more running, with a much needed break on Sunday - I can't wait!