February 12, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Control

I admit... Yesterday, I didn't feel like going to yoga, but I did feel like running. So I ran on the treadmill for a total of 3 miles, but with walking breaks it totaled up to 4. It was a dismal run and I felt so tired - maybe I'm still recovering from giving blood? - but I'm happy I at least worked out and got my run in for the week.

I admit... I have a control problem. I think everybody inherently does, but by varying degrees. Some are full blown, some are minor. I'm somewhere in the middle, but pushing the "full on control freak" part of the scale. I like knowing what's going to happen, aka being in control of the situation. I hate being thrown for a loop, and being unprepared. It knocks me off my game.

Today in yoga, our teacher mentioned how the only thing we were in control of was our emotions. We can't be in control of anything else, because it's just not possible, so why even try? What we can control is how we react to situations. So, focus on that.

I admit... I am so jealous of the Texas snow and multiple snow days. I really love it when it gets cold and you have to bundle up and sit next to the fireplace all day just to stay warm. I guess because it screams "Vacation!" to me. In Bellevue, the weather has been mild, except for the one snow day last week. But, these views aren't the worst:

However, the sun isn't half bad.
I admit... I am obsessed with BBC's Sherlock. Oh my god. What a good show!!! I'm a little late on the fangirl train, but man am I glad I hopped on. British shows are the best.

I admit... I really hate our apartment complex sometimes. Driving back from yoga, I ran into this:

Huh. So I had to park in the public spaces, walk around the building, and up to my apartment in my sweaty yoga gear. Gross. Generally I want the least number of people possible to see me in that state so I wasn't very pleased. Plus, then I had to go back a few hours later to fetch my car, and drive it down to my regular parking spot so it would be ready tomorrow morning. What a pain! Oh well. You can't control everything, right?

Any admissions for yourself?

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