March 14, 2014

Disappearing Teachers and Phantom Pain

On Wednesday, I didn't go to Yoga, but I decided to go on a run. I almost didn't make it out, but made myself take it one step at a time:

Step 1: Change out of pajamas.
Step 2: Change into running clothes.
Step 3: No matter how long it takes, stay in running clothes until you go outside and run.

And honestly, I stayed in my running clothes for about 2 hours before I eventually got outside to go run. But that doesn't matter, because at least I did it, right??

Taken at the halfway point
Highway views

The run was great - it had a big uphill in that third mile, which is why I slowed down so much, but I was really trying to put in the effort to go fast, so I'm happy with my time.

On Thursday, I didn't go to Yoga either - instead, I took a 2.5 mile walk around downtown while I ran some errands. I thought that was better than nothing, anyways. 

I think I feel a little... resentful? towards yoga lately. Ever since I came back from my week and a half vacation, the studio hasn't felt the same. I haven't felt challenged or pushed at all, and I could never seem to get the teachers I wanted. I delved a little further into their schedule and saw that my favorite teachers wouldn't be teaching at all in the next couple of weeks. What gives?!? I know that teachers bounce around from studio to studio, but that doesn't really work for me when my Year of Yoga is to the studio, not to the teachers. Maybe they'll come back? A year is a long time....

My hip has been really acting up recently, and I'm trying to go easy on it. A run probably wasn't the way to do that - I probably should have gone to yoga instead - oh well. I think I might start experimenting with wearing my knee brace- it doesn't seem to be my hip that's the problem, but something underlying, like ankle or knee pain. Maybe I need to get my shoe inserts replaced? I got them less than a year ago, though.. hmm.

Ever had knee pain that presented itself as hip pain?

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