March 24, 2014

Slowly Getting Faster

I'm feeling so productive today! I mean really, for me productivity means putting in a load of laundry, going for a run, and coming back with enough time to shower, divvy up the next loads, and set out my clothes for packing, all before the first load was even done! Score! (How's that for a run-on sentence??)

Speaking of runs (hah), I've got some to catch up on, so first let me lay them out here:

The above run was completed last Friday, and it was kind of dismal. I felt so cold beforehand and couldn't seem to warm up even though it was bright and sunny. (It was 52 degrees, prime running weather). I felt really winded during it, and my hip started acting up again. What is up with that?!?

In contrast, however--

Today's run: negative splits, bright sunshine, only a few degrees warmer - and it felt like a completely different run. I felt strong, motivated, like I could keep going... and looking at the times, this run wasn't even a minute faster than the Friday run. How strange that a few key factors being different can completely change the run!

Rocking the UT hat again today, along with my Nike Women's Marathon t-shirt
I realized that I'm really not running as much as I was in the previous months, but I figured that was okay because I've been going to so much yoga. I decided to compare, and February's total miles (13.1 miles) was the lowest amount of mileage I've ran since June of 2012 (when I ran a measly 5 miles total for the month). Even in September of 2012, I ran 13.3 miles - hey, that .3 extra counts.

It really surprised me, because I feel like I've been running a lot - getting in 3 miles a week is a great challenge for me, but I realized that what's really the most challenging is running outside. I used to be able to run so easily on the treadmill- just go to the gym, hop on, and hop off. But I think forcing myself to run outside is a really good thing. After all, that's where all the races happen, right? Better to train on the actual terrain than on a belt that moves under your feet.

One thing that did lift my spirits about my running is my pace over the years....!

I fly back to Dallas tomorrow for my final dress fitting, final catering appointment, and trial makeup session followed by bridal portraits. Yikes! So much stuff. Then it's off to Austin on Saturday to hang out for a little mini vacation (JW has a conference there) and then we're going to my former roommate's wedding that Saturday. So excited!!

Lots of fun stuff happening lately! We're just under the 6 week mark for the wedding - aahhhh!!

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