February 5, 2014

Admission Wednesday: "Diets" and Side-view Mirrors

I admit... My old roommate's wedding invitation arrived yesterday (she is coincidentally having her wedding almost exactly 1 month before mine) and I almost cried from the beauty of it. The stationary was exquisite, the thick paper folded into thirds with little pockets and an intricate pattern on the outside. I really can't wait for her wedding weekend. It made me feel a little ashamed of my invitations, though: I plan on hand-writing them (nightmare) and attempted to use as little paper/postage as possible, so we're having people e-mail us their RSVPs. Is that tacky? I hope not.

I admit... I think green juice is disgusting.

I admit... I'm cooking/home-making things more often, and while I do feel more healthy, really all it does is make me do dishes more often.

Homemade granola bars
I admit... Sometimes, I really don't like it when it's sunny here. 2 reasons: A) Usually that means it's much, much colder than usual. B) I feel like the sun is mocking me somehow for staying inside. Like, because it's sunny, I should be spending as much time outside as I can. But sometimes you just want to stay inside and be warm and comfy, you know?? (Related: my hands are freezing right now typing this.)

I admit... I had a great time on Superbowl Sunday (though I ate a little too much), but the game wasn't really that exciting. I mean, yeah, we were winning, but within 12 seconds of the game starting. It was gravy from there. It wasn't exactly a nail-biter like the NFC Championship game.

Also you can tell how we're big Seahawks fans because of all the merchandise we own... or not. Whoops. Also you wouldn't catch me dead at that parade today - not only do I not live in Seattle (I'm across the lake in Bellevue) and would have to battle the thousands of people (I've heard that half a million are going to show up??) who are also trying to get down there - but being outside today (it's 27 degrees right now) is just not on my to-do list today. Sorry Seahawks. I love you guys.. but no.

I admit... My diet is not going well. I was wayyyy too happy when Yogurtland had free yogurt and toppings on Monday. (Now can you get a picture of what my eating has been like this past week??) At least it was a "small" container??

A container used as a lid
 I admit... Sometimes I'm a bad driver. But at least only to myself. Meaning, parking garages are my enemy - specifically ones that have those giant cement pillars so close to all the spaces. So, here's the story: I was pulling into a space, and I was too close to the giant cement pillar, and it started to scrape across the right side of my car. So I panicked, decided to straighten out, backed out - and BANG. The giant cement pillar whacked my side view mirror almost clean off. Damnit! Thankfully, only the mirror part was detached from the car, not the whole thing. So I decided to be crafty and fix it like this:

Any admissions for today?

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