January 29, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Weights On and Off My Shoulders

I admit... My diet has not been going well. Wedding Stress has lead to bowls of ice cream, desserts at restaurants, pastries at Starbucks, and wine. I'm trying to get my nutrition back to what it was in December (though not as strict as South Beach), but moderation is sometimes a hard pill to swallow for me. I frequently think "Go Big or Go Home", and need to separate myself from that mindset.

I admit... I watched all 3 Lord of the Rings movies with the cast commentary while I addressed envelopes last week, and I will never get bored of that trilogy. Even though I binge-watched it with my Dallas friends for 12 hours at the beginning of this month, I'm still not sick of it. Never ever.

I admit... When I sent off my Save The Dates on Monday, I felt a huge wave of relief... immediately followed by the next weight on my shoulders, The Invitations. Ack.

I admit... Speaking of weights, Yoga Sculpt is one of the hardest things I've done in a long, long time. We spend most of the time in a squat (chair pose) while we do various arm exercises (with weights), and then kill our legs even more by doing squat pulses and lunges. My whole body is always on fire after that class, and I take it only twice a week.

I admit... Leaving my apartment is the hardest thing about going to yoga. Even though I know in my heart that it always makes me feel better. Even though I seem to have some kind of injury every time I write these posts (this time my lower back kind of hurts, though my jaw and shoulder from previous Admission Wednesdays have totally healed). I have to remind myself I really do feel better overall.

I admit... I made a fool of myself yesterday in class trying to do a handstand against the wall and never nailed it. On Monday, the teacher helped me with it and I held it for a few seconds, so I guess that's something?

I admit... I'm getting really excited about our honeymoon! We met with a travel agency yesterday and talked all about it, and should be booking soon. And I don't even care that it's probably going to be at some all-inclusive resort that thousands of couples have been on, I'm just excited that it'll be someplace warm, tropical, and romantic. Less of this weather would be great:

I admit... Seeing friends always makes me happy and I should do it more often. I love our group. We're all gonna get together for the Superbowl and it's gonna be awesome!! It hasn't been since like, 1995 or something that my city's team has been in the game (poor Cowboys...).

Photo Taken by Sam's awesome phone :)

Happy Birthday, Aaron!
I admit... I need to think positive more often.

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