March 10, 2014

Chilly: Weather and Dog

I admit I've fallen off the grid as well as out of the blogging world - apologies all around! I just got back from my bachelorette party weekend in San Diego, and am playing catch up. Anyways, we left off in Dallas...

The snow and ice in Dallas rendered running pointless until the ice unfroze on the sidewalks. I still can't believe it actually snowed and iced over while I was there in late February. Crazy!! So, I couldn't run until Tuesday afternoon (March 4th), but I welcomed it with open arms!

A little pit stop back at the house about halfway through - A slightly new route that's not an out-and-back (shocker!)
I was spot-checking a route that my Dad uses to walk Chilly (our poodle), so he wanted to know if I was getting the same distance as his MapMyRun app was giving him.  It was! After I came back to report my findings, I went out for just under 2 more miles. I was just about done at 3.5 miles, but I found the energy to push on.

:/ yep, hip is acting up yet again

Pretty good time, considering!
After I came home I immediately grabbed a water bottle and laid down on the floor. I tried sprinting that last bit of the mile and I was wiped out. Chilly thought I was playing with him :)

It's my favorite thing. Of course I obliged!

Being silly.
Teasing :)
I was happy I got to take some time out of my crazy go-go-go schedule in Dallas to run, and to play with my dog. I got enough rest so I felt really good on Thursday morning when I took my flight out to San Diego!

Next up: Bachelorette!!