March 5, 2014

Admission Wednesday: Dallas Showers (Bridal and Snow)

I admit... Wedding stuff is stressing me out. Currently I'm typing this post from Dallas. I'm here for a few wedding chores before I go off to my Bachelorette shindig in San Diego on Thursday (can't wait!!), but mainly I'm here for Shower #1, Dress Fitting #2, and meeting with the reception venue coordinator, as I've never seen it in person. Though those are three very small obligations, that doesn't include the shopping we did for the veil, garter, earrings (still haven't found those yet), bridesmaid accessories, and mother of the bride dress & shoes. Seriously, ALL of Saturday and Sunday was devoted to shopping for accessories and clothes. I'm exhausted!!

I admit... I am actually kind of really upset that I didn't get any pictures of my Bridal Shower, of my table with presents on it, or of me with any of my guests (except two quick ones at the end: 1 with my mom and sister, 1 with me and my bridesmaids). I think a few people took some with their iPhones of me opening presents but I can't help but assume they're all blurry. :(

One of the only pictures I took :(
me and 3 of my bridesmaids :)
My mom and my sister!
Despite the lack of pictures, I had a lovely time. I got a lot of great stuff that was listed on my registry, but I also got something that wasn't on my registry: an apron from my grandmother who hosted the shower. It was so thoughtful!! And cute, too!

I also received really nice letters and well wishes, but I think my favorite was this old picture of me and my maid of honor, who wasn't able to make it:

Aren't we precious??
I admit... I've gotten used to the familiarity of always knowing what temperature it is outside. In Seattle, it's always 45-50 degrees, and either cloudy or beautiful. If it rains, it's not that bad. We've been having some bad wind recently but that's only really been at night. In any case, I haven't had to check my phone constantly to see what I needed to wear.

Welp, that's definitely not the case in Dallas. I got in Friday night and it was about 80, on Saturday we were shopping all day in about 75 degree weather, and had dinner out on the patio that in the nice 70 degree weather.

Eating on the patio at Blue Goose Cantina Saturday night- YUM
But, by Sunday it was 25 degrees.

And icing. And snowing.

....What?!? It was 80 degrees less than 36 hours before this picture was taken!
I admit... I still get really excited about snow, and don't mind so much when I have to borrow my mom's hat, coat, and gloves to be able to go outside and not freeze to death. I think cold weather makes everyone pretty stylish if you know what accessories to wear.

Next up: Running!

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  1. Aw, so cool you've known your maid of honor since you guys were so little!

    I'm still on the hunt for my veil and shoes too, it's hard to find a wedding shoe that's comfortable and not ugly!

    1. Not sure why I never saw this! Try Seychelles brand, or Aerosoles - usually they have cute stuff that's comfy. Right now I've just resigned to the fact that my feet will be killing me by the end of the night, haha!