February 10, 2014

Snow and Random Acts of Kindness

Was anybody else as excited as I was when it started to SNOW on Saturday night???! As a Texas girl (and especially since all of Texas has been getting snow days for what feels like the last few weeks!), I always get way overly excited when I see snow fall- and Saturday was no exception! Unfortunately, I was stuck inside because of Dinner Detective, but luckily (or maybe unluckily), it was still coming down when we were released!

It was also ALL OVER my car!

I don't think I've ever seen my car that buried in snow. Don't worry, I had an ice scraper in my car that I used to get all the snow off. The drive home was uneventful, thankfully!

As a result of the snow, all the yoga classes on Sunday were cancelled. Bummer. That's when I usually take my second Yoga Sculpt class of the week, so I was a little disappointed that I wasn't able to get my sweat on. But, I figured I probably needed a rest day anyways, since I hadn't taken once since February 1st. I spent the rest of the day double checking addresses and putting addresses on envelopes.

Today in yoga, one of the teachers had been on vacation in Europe for 2 months, and today was her first day back. I was pleased to be present for her very first power yoga class back at Get Zen Yoga. It was a little unconventional, which I expected, but I remember from my 1-month Groupon last year that I really liked her style, so I still enjoyed it.

She usually guides us through a meditation around the end of class, and today it was more of a pondering - she said that everybody is born happy- everyone. About 50% of that happiness is always inside us. The next 10% is finances: someone who makes 50K a year is only marginally happier than someone who makes 50 million a year. And then there's the rest of the 40%, which she says comes from helping others. Quiet acts of kindness make up 40% of happiness. Having a bad day? Go help someone else. You'll feel 40% happier. Which, in the grand scheme of things, is a lot if you think about it!

Finding beauty on a cloudy day
She said our brain doesn't know the difference between pleasure and pain - and though I don't really agree, I agree with the message she's trying to convey. It's our reactions to what happens to us that drives our feelings. If we are met with an obstacle, we can either bitch about it or laugh at it. Happiness is a choice!

So, today I decided my random act of kindness was to give blood.

What will yours be?

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