August 1, 2015

July Recap

July 3, 2015

Back At It

Dallas was quite refreshing for me!

  1. Jogging with my dog - he'll go with me comfortably for a little over half a mile, but hey, anything is good with me! He's almost 12 years old!
  2. Spending quality time with my family, and catching up with old friends.
  3. Getting caught up on my running routine again!
I've gotten really strong over the past few weeks- it started in Dallas, with 4 mile runs every other day. Not very fast (at ALL), but runs all the same.

Then, I enjoyed a nice weekend off in Santa Fe celebrating one of my dear friends upcoming nuptials in August - my friend Isabelle is getting married in August! We rented a huge house on a 35 acre lot, and spent the weekend lounging outside, hiking, gossiping, drinking, and making delicious food. Everyone left the weekend feeling energized and inspired, and ready to celebrate in August!

After Santa Fe, I returned to Bellevue for a week before I was off to Idaho. We saw Post Modern Jukebox in concert!

It was amazing! We finished off the week with a few meals with friends I hadn't seen in a while, and then before I knew it I was on my way to Singin' in the Rain in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho! I'll be here for 5 weeks rehearsing and performing. 

So far, I've run 6 miles every other day - a HUGE leap for me in terms of running frequency. I finally feel like a real runner again - waking up early and running for an hour really jives with me. They aren't fast runs, but at least they're something.

Of course, I haven't just been running and rehearsing. There's been plenty of beach time and fun with friends!

I even got to watch the Iron Man Triathlon!

Potts in first!
Not to mention, Idaho has its fair share of amazing sunsets.

Overall it's been a really amazing experience so far, and I've had a fantastic start to the summer. We open in less than a week - which is crazy, considering we've only been rehearsing for about 9 days! Wooo!

June 7, 2015

Driving A Standard

FINALLY! After feeling like a major failure in all aspects of running, I finally got out for a run this morning!

I figured I'd make the most of my time in Dallas by trying to get back into running. Living in a neighborhood really helps- I can just run around the shaded sidewalks and whenever I get tired, home is always less than half a mile away. I wanted to run for 5 miles, but the both the hot weather and the fact that I haven't run since May 12th really took a toll.

This morning's jog was pretty slow at a 10'35" pace (granted, it was 80 degrees and I hadn't eaten anything) was completed right after my dad taught me how to drive a stick shift...! I snapped a quick picture of us driving to the parking lot in the sunrise - it was so nice to be out early and feel the nice breeze before the heat of the day caught up with us.

Verdict: About time I learned how to drive, eh? :) In all honesty, driving a standard isn't so bad, but it takes quite a while to get used to the mechanics of it. The car lurched and I stalled it numerous times before I really got the hang of it. Ah well. I drove home, though, which I think is a victory! 

Hope everybody is enjoying the summery weather!

June 2, 2015


I'm not doing very well with keeping up with this blog, am I? I suppose since I only ran 7 miles in May (breaking my New Year's resolution), I didn't feel much motivation to keep whoever is still reading this up to date on my nonexistent runs. Ah, well.

I've been pretty busy with theatre ever since January, and subsequently realized it's kind of hard to keep running during the day when you have rehearsal every night...

Death By Chocolate - February 2015
Arcadia - April 2015
I just closed Legally Blonde, where I played Brooke Wyndham, the fitness queen who is accused of murdering her husband. My featured song includes me jump roping and singing... at the same time.

I'm in the middle!
I realized that jumping rope is kind of tough on the ankles, and trying to add running to the mix was just plain impossible, so I took a little break. I tried to keep up with my fitness by going to yoga classes, but honestly outside of rehearsals and performances, I was kind of exhausted!

Legally Blonde - May 2015
We closed Legally Blonde on the last day of May, and I hope to get back into running soon. It's typical June-uary here in Seattle (54 and cloudy/rainy), and when that ends, I plan to be outside running like I always do.

I'm taking a few trips before I go to Coeur d'Alene for my fourth production of the year - Singin' in the Rain! I'll be in Dallas to visit my family for a week (I leave on Saturday and couldn't be more excited!), then in Santa Fe for a weekend for my friend's bachelorette party, and then back to Bellevue for a week before I move to Idaho. Phew!

Here's to the summer!

April 7, 2015

Taste of Washington

Taste of Washington!

JW's parents gave us and Rachel tickets to Taste of Washington on March 28! It was an amazing way to spend 3 hours on a Saturday - there were 16 sections of booths, and each section had 6+ vendors with samples of wine and food at their booths for tasting.

There was this magical dessert section that we hit right away-

It was amazing. All the food was fantastic and I kind of wish we had bought the two day pass so we could have gone the next day, because I'm sure we only tasted three quarters of the food and not even half the wine.

They gave us these fun wine slings that you put around your neck so you wouldn't drop your wine glass - genius! Everybody kept asking us where we got them - what a good marketing tactic! (For the record, we got them at Hotel Vintage)

We were stuffed after spending all three hours nibbling and sipping on the wonderful food and wine that Washington has to offer. I love this state!!

I think we'll probably go again next year :)

April 2, 2015

Wrapping Up March

Wrapping up March!

JW and I went to see a musical at ACT Theatre
My roommate Sarah came to visit Seattle for her birthday!
We had a great time while she was here :)
March 16: 6 Miles, 9'33" average pace, 57 degrees, partly sunny.

The weather was amazing all week!
March 17: 3 Miles, 9'36" average pace, 57 degrees, partly cloudy.

And that was it for running that week! Unfortunately, on Wednesday night I came home from rehearsal feeling really ill - sure enough, I had a fever and stayed in bed for the rest of the week and into the weekend. I needed to make sure to rest up in time for tech week!

I emerged from bed to have brunch with JW and Rachel's cousin, who was visiting

Total Miles for March 15-21: 9 Miles
Total Yoga Classes: 3 Classes: 2 Power classes, 1 Hatha class

March 22: 2 Miles, 11'14" average pace, 53 degrees, cloudy. This run was with JW!

The second time ever that we've run together :)
March 26: 2 Miles, 10'11" average pace, sunny. I was still not feeling great, but I couldn't pass up the wonderful weather!

And then I called it quits for running that week. Oh well, I still succeeded in getting 4 miles for the week! Woohoo!

Total Miles for March 22-28: 4 Miles
Total Yoga Classes: 5 Classes: 3 Hatha classes, 1 Power class, 1 Renew class