November 21, 2013

Ready for Thanksgiving

This morning, I got another run over with - 6 miles. This was supposed to have happened yesterday, but it just didn't.

I tried to keep a consistent pace - not really sure what happened around 4 miles and why I got a burst of speed, but I suspect I was coming back into the neighborhood, which is a slight downhill. I really tried to surge at the end (granted, it was uphill) but I suppose that didn't happen, haha!

Edit: Looking back, this is my 2nd fastest time running 6 miles. I feel much more positive about this now!

It was SUPER cold - about 40 degrees, but with a biting wind chill. I had to break out my ear warmers and gloves for this one.
I realized today that I wear a lot of purple...
At least it was sunny?

I'm super thankful for all the sun we've been getting lately, and I'll be sad to leave it on Sunday - but I'm happy that I'm going home. I left Dallas on June 24 - and my flight back is on November 24th. Exactly 5 months! Kinda cool how those things work out.

However, I've been no stranger to vacations since leaving Dallas in June. Since then, I've traveled to:

Portland (June 27)
Victoria, BC (July 2nd AND September 6th)
New York City (July 17 - 23)
San Francisco (October 19 - 21)
Las Vegas (October 31 - November 3)

Super excited about all the traveling I've done this year. Isn't it crazy that I'm already reflecting back on the year?? Damn, I need to give December a chance to wow me before I get all nostalgic about a year that hasn't even completed itself yet.

I will say that I'm good and ready for Thanksgiving. Turkey, green beans, sweet potatoes... lay it on me! YUM. Plus lots of family time and dun dun dun.... engagement pictures! Eep! Crossing my fingers that those turn out well.

Ready for Thanksgiving?

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