November 20, 2013

I Need Some Motivation

Sometimes I find that I have a really bad mentality about running. Lately, it's been "get it over with". Rather than getting excited about running and spending some time for myself, I've been sort of dreading it. Is this a sign of being burnt out? Should I dial back the miles? Should I forget about getting a PR in the half in December?

I've had a great excuse for running on the treadmill so much - the weather has been awful here lately. Rainy, cold, and the sun sets at 4:30pm. Yesterday, I had a full day on my plate - to add to it, I overslept. My voice lesson, which was 45 minutes away, was at 10- and I woke up at 9:15. Whoops. I had to quickly stop at the bank before I left, and miraculously made it to my voice teacher's house only 5 minutes late.

Well, you'd think that was the end of my problems- nope. The lesson ran long, I had to get gas on my way to my acting lesson, and I had nothing to eat. I had to run inside the gas station and grab the only thing that sort of resembled a meal - a box of Pop Tarts. Pop Tarts! It was that or a bag of Doritos. I mean... ugh. I had to call the acting teacher about 5 minutes before class started to tell him I was running late. When I got there, he gave all of us a lecture about what being on time meant. Yikes. The lesson lasted for 3 hours, which I struggled through - two Pop Tarts isn't the best kind of fuel.

After that, I had to run 3 miles and go to a yoga class. I got home and figured - just get it over with. So, even though I could have run outside, I ran on the treadmill. 3 miles, nothing special. No speed work, no nothing. Just mindless running.

My yoga class went really well. I finally did a headstand, and when I got home, got to a place where I could actually lift my torso up and start lifting up my legs! Yesss. I've been working on that for this whole month. I'd love to be able to do a handstand, but my upper body just isn't strong enough yet.

Well, this afternoon, this is what it looks like outside:

Beautiful, right? I have 6 miles on the docket to complete today and I'm just not feeling the motivation to go out there and run. I know it's cold, I know it'll be an hour of running (how funny that 4 hours of running seems like a lifetime ago) and I kind of just want to sit here and work until my yoga class at 6.

What's wrong with me?? Shouldn't I just be itching to go run outside?? Why am I so unmotivated? Is it because I'm about to go home for Thanksgiving? Is it because I'm stressed about taking our engagement pictures next week? (We finally booked a photographer - score!) Is it just completely unrelated and I'm doing too much running?

Le SIGH. Any motivation tips?

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