November 7, 2013


On Halloween, JW and I picked up our friend Sam and drove to the airport. Of course Sam wore one of her Halloween costumes on the plane, but neither JW or I were that courageous :)

Sam as a Bavarian Barmaid :)
We arrived in Vegas without a hitch (along with free drinks because it was Halloween on Southwest - score!), met up with our friend Aaron who was on a different flight, and our generous host Micah picked us up from the airport. We had arrived!!

We found our way to the Flamingo, Micah dropped us off, and waited in the hour line to check-in (ridiculous) and managed to get two rooms adjacent to each other so we could spread out :)

Excited for the night!!
Micah, his wife Leiszle, and their friend Stephanie arrived and we got ready to go out. Our plan was to catch a cab to Fremont, watch the parade, eat there, and then get back by 10:30ish to go to a party at Hyde, a club in Bellagio.

JW and I did literally last minute costumes, so I'm pretty happy with how we turned out -

His mustache is upside-down and mine is in necklace form, but Mario & Luigi!!
Micah and Leiszle found their inspiration on Buzzfeed, but tweaked it, and were a pair of boobs with nipple tassles:

Bahahha! Aaron is Scotty from Star Trek.
And last but not least, Sam was Jessica Rabbit.

She's in the middle :)
Our cab driver was awesome because she started to hit on JW immediately - she was like 65, haha! She kept saying, "You don't make fun of my boy!" (she had a Russian accent), "He is a good one!" hahhaha they were great one-liners.

We made it to Fremont, where Micah and Leiszle were an instant hit. Seriously, everybody wanted to take a picture with them and everybody smiled when they approached. Boobs just make people happy :)

We walked around for a bit but pretty much missed the parade that was supposed to go on. We decided to go get something to eat - and let me tell you, sitting in a fancy restaurant dressed as Mario and Luigi with a big pair of boobs is really funny and awesome.

I didn't take a lot of pictures at the restaurant - we were the middle of attention anyways :)
We left the restaurant and were ready to go back to Flamingo to then walk over to the Bellagio. We were ready to have some fun!!

We took the above pictures in front of Hyde while we waited in line. Waiting in line was pretty frustrating - at first they didn't have our reservation, and then we had no service to bring up the e-mail, and then we had to fill in our e-mail addresses on this random form to get free drinks but we didn't end up getting any free drink tickets...

The solution to everything in Vegas, in case you were wondering, is to be a female in a dress. Once we got in and asked the bartender about free drinks, which he knew nothing about, we were then shepherded over to the bouncer, who knew nothing about it either, and we ended up right back where we started with the people who we gave our e-mails to. I was a little frustrated and went into a speech about how we've been going back and forth between people and nobody's been able to tell us anything... and the guy gave us about 10 free drink tickets. Welp, that did the trick!

Pretty pink drink tickets
We went back inside and started partying!

We met another Mario & Luigi!

The girls

It was a great night! We got back in around 3am and went straight to sleep.

The next morning, we went to brunch at this nice place called Mon Ami Gabi, near Paris. It was delicious!

After that, we wandered around the strip for a little bit and walked back to the Flamingo to find a happy hour.

We were basically biding time before we had reservations to go to a speakeasy back in Fremont. We took the bus and arrived around 10:15pm.

The drinks were delicious and the ceiling was made of doors.

We left around 12:30, and were hankering for some pizza.

"Good pizza made with love warms the heart" <3
The next day, we checked out of the hotel and put all of our stuff in Micah and Leiszle's car to drive back to their house to stay that night.

We were a little squished.
We parked in the Planet Hollywood parking lot and walked over to Burgr to have lunch.

After we ate, we walked around to find another happy hour before we got back on the road. We were wanting those tall slushies that we kept seeing everyone holding.

After some more walking around and gambling, we drove back to Micah and Leiszle's house, where I finished my fantastic 7 mile run.

That night, we ate a delicious homemade gnocchi, corn, and grape tomato dish with an apple feta cheese salad that Leiszle made. It was SO GOOD. We finished off the night watching Hocus Pocus, complete with some more drinks at midnight on account of the official start of Sam's birthday!

The next morning was the beginning of our last day in Vegas. We started the morning with (unpictured) mimosas, chocolate chip banana pancakes, sausage, and blackberries. Such a good start to the day!

Before we knew it, it was time to pack, go to the airport, and get on our flight back. We had such a great time - I can't wait to go back!

Plus, we got free drinks on the plane on account of this birthday girl!

Until next time, Vegas! :)


  1. Your pictures are fabulous! What a fun night and I LOVE that you ran into another Mario and Luigi. That is perfect. Even more perfect are the boob costumes in Vegas!

    1. Every person we saw was SO ridiculously happy about the boob costume - it was hilarious! Boobs just make people happy I guess, haha!

  2. The boobs are hilarious! the nipple tassels add a nice touch! haha I'll be on my way to Vegas next Friday for the half on Sunday, can't wait! Hope the weather stays as good as it was for your run!