November 22, 2013

Apparently I'm Fast Now...?

Well this morning sure was a surprise. I was getting kind of sick of my attitude about running lately so I decided to just get out there this morning and train for my Thanksgiving 5K. It's in less than a week and my goal is to get under 25 minutes, which would be a PR for me.

Granted, my 4 miler this morning started out downhill but it also ended uphill, so putting most of the effort on the back end of the run was good for my training. I suppose. I'm no expert here.

Not really sure why, in my chart, it says 33:51 for finishing 4 miles, but in my summary it gives me a time of 33:59. Where did those 8 seconds come from? Hmm.

I'm genuinely surprised by those numbers. I felt like I was pushing it, but not really pushing it to my limit. I guess this is good since it's just a training run, right...? Plus I'm gonna have to start tapering here if I'm gonna be nice and ready for the 5K next Thursday. But then I have the half on Sunday...

It's like I'm going back and forth between PRing for the 5K and PRing for the Half. I'm convinced I can't do both. If I PR on Thursday, surely my legs will be spent for the half on Sunday, right? Or should I just run both of them for fun? Technically the Turkey Trot will have so many people that it'll be hard to get to a PR. Unless I'm in the front.

In any case, it was another beautiful sunny day in Bellevue. :) Even though it was 41 degrees! Brrr. I don't do cold very well.

Not much running in the next few days - I'm sure it'll fly by!

I'm going to a Thanksgiving Sides party tomorrow and I kind of can't wait, but I've noticed that we've been eating out a lot lately because of our birthdays. Mine was last Friday and his was this Wednesday, and I swear we've been going to restaurants almost every night since. Thankfully I have running to counterbalance all the calories I'm consuming?? All in moderation, right??

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