January 4, 2015

Resolutions for 2015

2014 Running Recap:

Please ignore the fact that those numbers don't add up to 600.3- but I've been promised by Nike+ staff that 600.3 total is correct. :P

9'39" average pace

133 runs with an average distance of 4.5 miles

I looked over my resolutions for 2014 and realized that I made way too many. I mean, I even made a post of revised resolutions in mid-January because I knew there were so many.

The resolutions I achieved:
  • Run at least 3 miles a week (meaning Sunday-Saturday): CHECK. This one was hard to accomplish! There were weeks where I ran 1 mile on Sunday and didn't run the remaining 2 miles until Saturday. There were other weeks when I ran 3 miles on Saturday night at 9pm. I'm happy I made this resolution, because it kept me motivated even during the month and a half of vacation.
  • Go to more dance classes: Strictly Seattle included 10 contemporary classes and 3 ballet classes, 5 ballet classes at PNB, 2 contemporary classes at Velocity, and 11 tap classes at Premiere Dance Center. Check!
  • Have a fantastic wedding day/honeymoon and try not to stress out about it too much: Check!
  • Get financial stuff nailed down for a possible house purchase at some point: I'll do you one better. We bought a house! Ultra check!
And that's good enough for me! I don't know why I tried to make like, 70 resolutions. Less is more.

Resolutions for 2015:

  • Run at least 4 miles a week.
  • Drink at least 60 oz of water a day.
  • Clean up and decorate the house and make it feel like our house!
  • Get cast in a musical, and keep going to as many auditions as possible.
And that's it! I could add a bunch of general ones like be happier, be healthier, go out more, etc. - but it would be too much. One other resolution I'm also toying with is running another marathon this year... we'll see. :)

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