January 2, 2015

The Last Runs of December

In my last post, I had mentioned I needed to run 15 miles by the end of the year to reach 600. 5 Miles a day was my goal, and I had 3 days to do it. If I missed a day, that meant running 10 miles in a day. Eek!

I ran on Monday, and it was awful. 

I felt so tired and sluggish, and like I was ready to throw in the towel. I couldn't believe I had to do this again for the next two days.

Well, the next day was our travel day - I thought about running in the morning, but I just couldn't get up and force myself to run before 8am, so I didn't, thinking I might once we got home around 4. I would have about 30 minutes before the sun went down, and I figured I'd run as long as I saw fit, and then just do a long run on New Year's Eve.

We landed in Seattle and I felt so tired, (I even slept on the plane a little!) so I figured that I'd run 10 miles on New Year's Eve, just like last year

In the morning, I checked my mileage for the year on NikePlus, and it said 589.3. Um. 589.3??? That meant I had to run 10.7 miles...! No way was I going to run almost 11 miles. Why did I think it was 9.7 that I had left? For whatever reason, 11 seemed so much longer than 10. I slowly settled with the fact that I wouldn't hit my goal of 600 for the year, 

A few hours later, I refreshed my page and saw that my mileage had jumped to 595.3. What!? That meant I only had to run 4.7 miles - I could definitely do that! I decided to send an e-mail to the Nike support team just to be sure. The response I got:
I would like to explain why the total miles have adjusted. Sometimes during site outages, runs that are synced sometimes do not apply to the total mileage. When I recalculated your account, one of your runs that wasn't applied to the totals, was just applied, hence the jump from 589.3 to 595. This may have been 1 or 2 runs, but I assure you that this mileage is in fact accurate. 
I hope this shed some light on why everything changed so suddenly! You are so close to 600 miles! Ill give you an early congratulations. That is awesome.
Please feel free to email me back if you need anything, Hayley. I am happy to help.
Benjamin Nike+ Support
How awesome and supportive is that?! I got a surge of energy from knowing that the random dude at Nike+ Support was cheering me on. Nike rocks. I immediately went out and ran the last 5 miles of 2014.

It felt great! And even more awesome was the fact that I hit my goal of 600 miles for the year (let's ignore the fact that that number was originally 300 miles higher at the beginning of the year).

I'm happy that December ended on a positive note. In my next post I'll analyze the year in detail and post some resolutions!

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