June 3, 2014

The Rehearsal and Dinner

We've been married for a month! Only fitting to start showing what wedding photos I have... so here's the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner!

My dad and I before we walked down the aisle together
Best Man & Matron of Honor
Walking down with my dad!
Silly faces down the aisle
The beautiful church
First time standing up at the front!!
Rehearsing the kiss :)
Love this picture - we were pretty over zealous and the coordinator was telling us to not move
JW showing off his new jewelry
My mom and dad
My new sister-in-law, and JW's best friend Aaron
My best friend and maid of honor :)
Then, we moved the party down to Crossroad's Diner!

The restaurant
JW's best friend from college and high school giving a toast
Listening to toasts
Us thanking everyone for being there :)
My sister and brother-in-law!
Snacks at the table... but look closer!
I've never had my face on an M&M before!
The food was delicious!
Sister hugs!
The UT crowd
Our high school friends
JW's engineering friends
JW gave all his groomsmen customized gifts
Holding a sign of ourselves!
The Wedding Photos are to come...!


  1. Ah! You are glowing in all these pictures! So cute! Did you two go to high school and college together? So cute! (How many times can I say that?!) I cannot wait to see the wedding photos!!!

    1. Amy you are so sweet! Good to hear from you, sorry for my brief absence :)

      Yes- we went to high school and college together! We had been dating for 9 and a half years :)