June 8, 2014

The Beginning of June-uary

Well my friends, things are moving quickly over here in the Peters household. I officially changed my name this week (!!) and made our first offer on a house- a cute 3 bed, 1 bath ranger about 5 minutes away from where JW works and about 3 minutes away from Marymoor Park, where I ran during most of my marathon training. Unfortunately... it wasn't accepted. Right now, the market is really hot with a lot of buyers and not a lot of houses, so houses are going for much higher than their asking price. It was a multiple offer situation, so we just didn't go high enough. It's so frustrating, not knowing what other people are offering, but at the same time not wanting to overpay. Buying a house is certainly a process, and is eating up most of our time.

We're also in the process of getting myself a new (used) car- should this be my new license plate??

Just kidding. That's pretty ridiculous.

While all this was going on, I ran on Saturday. Not the best run, but I got it done.

It was 72 degrees and pretty humid and sunny (so pretty!), so it was a difficult run. I just jogged on the track along the downtown park.

It's the official start of "June-uary" here in the Pacific Northwest, which means one day it'll be 72 and sunny (see above), and then the next day it will be 58 and cloudy. It's the last month before it gets to be beautiful all the time, so I can deal with the clouds a little longer.

We just got our wedding pictures back, so hopefully soon I'll post my favorites!

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