June 2, 2014

3 Miles Post-Vacay

I'm officially back in Bellevue! It's been quite a month and I really can't wait to get back to a normal schedule.

This week has been spent unpacking, returning gifts from the registry, shopping for furniture, and looking at houses. Yes, houses! I think JW and I have decided that we want to stop renting and start looking at buying a house.. though, our thoughts on that seem to change every day. Today we went to 10 open houses! Phew. It's been a whirlwind.

I wanted to update on my last run in May before I posted pictures from the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner!

On Saturday, I waited just about the longest amount of time that I could to run - I hadn't run since the 4 mile run in Hawaii, and I needed to run 3 miles this week.. and it was Saturday. Eep! JW and I had done some cleaning around the house, and it was already 8pm. I vacillated on whether or not to run at all, but thankfully now that summer is around the corner, the sun never seems to go down! I love it!

I did my normal route, down to the street that runs along the lake, and back up to the park to finish off 3 miles. Of course I started out too fast and ended up really regretting the route I took because I temporarily forgot it ended uphill - gah.

Lovely positive splits...! :/

I really didn't like the run- the weather was perfect and since I hadn't run in a while, it should have been refreshing - but I had gone to yoga that day too, and just wasn't really feeling it. At least I kept my overall pace below 10 min/mile? That seems to always be my goal...

The sky at the end of my run
I wonder about pace and if I'm doing the right things to get faster, and then I wonder if I should be focusing on much at all since I have so many other things going on. Moving requires mental strength as well - all the stress about wondering whether to buy or wait... as first time home buyers, we're nervous!

I'm confident I'll get my running fitness back soon enough. I have a 10K in August and I'm thinking of running a half marathon in late September with my friend Chelsey. It's in Bellingham, about 2 hours north of Bellevue, and we'd get hotel rooms and everything. It sounds like a blast!

I'm also wondering if I should do the Seattle Half/Full Marathon in late November, but I haven't really thought about my Thanksgiving plans... I also can't believe I'm starting to think about events in November. Are we really halfway through 2014?!? Crazy.

Any tips for first-time home buyers?

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