June 22, 2014

The First Week of Summer

I had a great weekend! For starters, Saturday was the first day of summer!

I had planned to spend the morning at a friend's apartment and make brunch, but forgot that Saturday was also the morning of the Rock n' Roll Seattle Marathon! I can't believe that I forgot about it, because a lot of bloggers I keep up with were running it. But how could I forget about it, when the traffic on I-90 looked like this?
Ughhh.. But, hello runners!
It was pretty neat to be on the spectator side of the race, but I really felt for those runners. There weren't many clouds in the sky, and I saw a lot of people walking. I hope everybody didn't get too hot!

Run, runners! Run!!
So cool to see them, achieving their dreams!
Anyways, it took me an extra 15 minutes to get over there, but at least I enjoyed the view. I brought over the rest of my Simple Baked Oatmeal for us to eat. We also made ourselves some protein pancakes, and chocolate chip banana muffins. They were delicious! 

We spent some time talking about fitness, and ended up getting so inspired that we wanted to go walk around outside! And why shouldn't we? It was absolutely gorgeous outside.

What a view!

On Sunday, JW and I went on more house hunting adventures (ughh) and then we rewarded ourselves with California Pizza Kitchen. My usual is now the Quinoa + Arugula salad with chicken, so I had about 3/4 of that and boxed up the rest. Hello, tomorrow's lunch!

I spent the rest of the evening planning next week's meals (the rest of Week 1) and even got a head start and baked one of Week 2's Breakfast Bars! More info in the next post :)

Hope everybody had a fantastic first weekend of summer! I sure did :)

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