June 13, 2014

13 Things on Friday the 13th

Happy Friday the 13th!
  1. Fun fact: This is the only Friday the 13th we'll experience in 2014! Good news, because it occurs 3 times in 2015. Eep! 

  2. It feels like ages since I've been on here. Usually I try to update when I'm running or doing something running-related, but since I tend to push off my 3 Mile weekly run to Saturday, that gets me updating on Sundays. Compared to other bloggers, once a week is extremely minimal!

  3. A random find from Tuesday Morning :P
  4. June-uary continues.

  5. More than ever, we want a dog. All of our friends have dogs and it's killing us.
  6. Tesla the Corgi (Jessi & Kevin W.) and Annie the Husky (Chelsey & Aaron)

  7. Ronnie the Dachshund (John & Ashley)
  8. Puma the Cockapoo (Kevin B. & Trang)
  9. Boomer the Corgi (Nephew! Whitney & Clay)
  10. Chilly the Poodle (Parents)
  11. The only reason we don't have a dog is because we don't have a yard. Hence the house hunt. We made another offer on another house - but with 45 other offers to compete with, it wasn't accepted. 45! That's ridiculous. We think we might just wait until the housing market calms down, and just move into a different apartment for the rest of the summer after our lease is up. We're not really down with paying $200K over asking price just to get a house. (!!!)

  12. I've been to 4 ballet classes at PNB Eastside in the past two weeks, and it's been really great. Here's a picture of my terrible turn-out. 

  13. I'm working on it! Not taking a ballet class for 5 years straight will do that to you...

  14. I'm going to a 3-week dance workshop starting July 6 called Strictly Seattle at Velocity Dance Center. I'm kind of pumped for it! 

  15. This post took SO MUCH LONGER to put together than I thought. Lists are the worst. :P 

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