June 20, 2014

NTC Review - Updated

When I trained for the Nike Women's Marathon last fall, I used the NTC app for my cross training. After I used it for the first time, I posted a review. Since then, I haven't touched the app - so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it to find a whole slew of updates!

They completely changed the app, and I like it so much better now! In my opinion, their biggest improvement is the 10 second mini-break between exercises so you can catch your breath and prepare for what the next move is. Genius!

I completed the Beginner Get Lean Hurricane, and compared to my old post about the same exercise, even the moves are different! I'm thinking that most, if not all, of the exercises on the NTC app have been updated as well.

Do this set twice, with a 1 minute modified plank (on your knees) at the end of Round 2 (before Recovery)
Do this set twice, with 1 minute of Russian Twists at the end of Round 2 (before Recovery)
Do this set twice
Do this set only once
Cool Down
The workout had me sweating within 10 minutes! It was great - not too hard but it definitely challenged me. I could feel my back really overworking itself from this + yoga, so the only thing I omitted were the Broad Jumps. Plus, since the only equipment was the jump rope, I was able to do everything in my apartment!

You can even customize your workout- if I didn't feel like doing modified burpees, I could do froggers instead. Love this feature.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the app to those who had maybe previously tried it and were dismayed by it. It's so much better now! Give it a shot!


  1. I've been debating about downloading the app again, I think you've convinced me!

    1. That's great news! I hope you like it as much as I did!