January 21, 2014

Treadmill Miles Lately

I've ran on the treadmill three times since I last posted about running, so I decided to bunch them all in the same post. Honestly it's nothing of consequence - just some speed runs, to make sure my running fitness stays the same.

Once I started daily yoga on the 13th, I hadn't touched the treadmill. 6 days total! It had almost been a whole week of no running, but because of my new resolution, I forced myself to go to the gym:

For this workout, I started at 6.0 and went up in .5 increments every .5 miles.

Mile 0-0.5: 6.0 mph
Mile 0.5-1: 6.5 mph
Mile 1-1.5: 7.0 mph
Mile 1.5-2: 7.5 mph
Mile 2-2.5: 7.0 mph
Mile 2.5-3: 6.5 mph

My pretty face after all this was done:

Yumm, the taste of sweat.
Yoga's been going really well - I went to two classes yesterday, Hatha and Power, 6 hours apart from each other. It felt great. I can tell that I'm getting more flexible, my jaw pain is gone, and it's slowly etching away at all the stress that's accumulated in my brain from all the wedding stuff.

Wedding To-Dos For January: 
Finish Registering (We spent 3 hours at Macy's on Saturday... still not even halfway done!)
Find a Florist (nobody is e-mailing me back!)
Find Speakers/Sound Board for Reception
Book Honeymoon! (this is a HUGE stress)
Talk with our officiant 
Address and Send out Save The Dates (these should be coming in tomorrow! Can't wait to get this done..)

How are your work-outs going?


  1. Where is the honeymoon? We decided on Hawaii and we are doing all our research on that now, so exciting! Couldn't believe how cheap it was to fly there from Seattle.

    1. We haven't decided on a location yet - but we'd like it to be warm and tropical. Hawaii is out - we'll be going at the end of May with his family, to celebrate his sister's graduation! We were thinking Turks and Caicos, or somewhere else in the Caribbean... Jamaica maybe? We don't know :)