December 23, 2013

The Week Before Christmas

Welp, good afternoon friends- I haven't posted since the 15th and so much has happened since then. I've just been a busy bee, buying and wrapping Christmas presents and dancing in Snowflake Lane every night, but here's my last week in Seattle at a glance, along with how South Beach went:

Monday: Saw The Hobbit after Snowflake Lane. Had eggs, almonds, and Greek yogurt in the morning and had Starbucks Bistro boxes for dinner.

Nevermind the fact that these two boxes were $13 total...
Tuesday: Co-Hosted a Dinner Detective show, ate the chicken and artichoke hearts they served us (avoiding the bed of rice and cranberries), along with salad and blue cheese, and candied pecans. Then caved when I saw the beautiful dessert plate the kitchen gave us as a holiday treat, and had five desserts. Yep, count 'em, 5. It was around this time when I realized that passing on the somewhat healthy thing (rice + cranberries) for the five desserts was the wrong decision. I started questioning the whole South Beach thing.

Trying to stay awake before Dinner Detective
Wednesday: Conference call in the morning for work, went to yoga, had a doctor's appointment, and visited with my future sister-in-law who stayed with us til Sunday morning. Then we went to Ruth's Chris happy hour after Snowflake Lane where I had half a burger (plus bun), no fries (victory!), and some beef kebab things. Had my first glass of red wine in a while and it was GLORIOUS.

Yo-yo-yo-yo YOGA
Thursday: More normal eating day- Saw Oliver! at the 5th Avenue Theatre, saw Anchorman 2 after Snowflake Lane, complete with half a bag of popcorn. Ate two fried eggs slathered with laughing cow cheese and sausage on top for dinner rather than getting pizza and ice cream like JW and Rachel did. It was actually really good!

Friday: SNOW! Met for Coffee with one of my Dinner Detective friends, had a lemon bar and a peppermint mocha (DELICIOUS)

Ate a salad from Panera Bread, went to Snowflake Lane where my friends finally came to see me :)

photo cred goes to my friend Sam

dancing with little kids, every night!

After the show, we went to Rock Bottom Brewery (chicken sandwich with avocado was eaten, some of the bread left off.)

Then I caved and got this dessert:
Then we went to Purple Cafe!

Kevin, Aaron, Chelsey, Rachel
Bobby, Sam, Me, and JW
Yummy wine flight!
Saturday: Packing, packing, PACKING. Yoga in the morning, laundry simultaneously. More of a normal eating day, but then I caved at the end and bought a cheesecake and drizzled (sugar free!) hot fudge on it. haha!!


Sunday:  Seahawks halftime show, Snowflake Lane, and left that night at 11:20pm!

on our way to the game!
Our view from the tunnel :)
Happy after the show!
All 60 Jingle Belles together for the last time
That night was my last performance. Sunday was a crazy day. I got into Dallas at 5am on Monday and slept until 12:30 - now I'm up and sitting next to this cutie:

Hope y'all have a great Christmas Eve Eve!


  1. What a crazy week! SO EXCITING you got to perform at the Seahawks show! Merry Christmas and enjoy all the sleep you can get :)

    1. Thanks Amy - it was pretty cool! Hope you had a Merry Christmas as well!