December 27, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve Baking (Pinterest Fails)

Anybody else have any Christmas traditions they can't let go of? One of mine is baking while watching The Muppet Christmas Carol. It's become a staple in our house and starting last year, my sister and I have been baking Pinterest recipes and seeing how badly they fail. It's pretty fun! This was last year:

We tried to make brownies inside the cookie cutters.
Looking good so far! ...sort of.
Yikes. They came apart terribly. It's supposed to be a bird!
We laughed so hard we cried!
This year, we looked up another Pinterest recipe - some shortbread logs.

Whitney's puppy Boomer helped us bake!
Our first casualty - cookie down the oven door crack!
She was very sad about it.
The rest of them looked pretty tasty, though!
Then we dipped them in melted chocolate and Christmas Sprinkles.
But half of them broke in half when we applied any kind of force while dipping.
We decided to call them Christmas Acorns!
I can't find the recipe we used, but oh well. They were actually pretty good, but we used a cup of butter so they were pretty greasy.

Merry Christmas from Texas!

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