December 16, 2013

Seahawks Halftime Show

South Beach Day 8 (Sunday) was a little better, but not the greatest.

I woke up at 10am to get ready to meet at the mall at noon. Snowflake Lane is performing in the Seahawk's halftime show, and Sunday was our rehearsal day. We'll perform next week, on the 22nd!

I had my breakfast of choice: 3 Eggs.

While I waited for them to cook, I munched on some hummus and cucumbers.

Then I was off to Snowflake Lane! Unfortunately the buses were late, so we had to wait around a while, but then by 1:15 I found myself stepping onto a Big Yellow School Bus for the first time in I have no idea how many years.
We arrived at CenturyLink field without a hitch.

Inside the tunnel!

It was really cold!

I'll be standing inbetween the South 30 and 35, facing the Visitor's side

It was such a cool experience. However, we had to literally RUN on and off the field 4 times (4 times on, 4 times off) which I'd have to say is at least .5 miles, if not more. My legs were killing me, and my "breakfast" wasn't exactly the best fuel.

It took FOREVER to get back to Bellevue because of the Christmas shopping rush, so I figured I'd just go to Chipotle and get a salad (with guacamole, of course) and call it a day.

I performed in Snowflake Lane that night, and promptly came home and went to sleep at 9:30. Yep. The weekend was non-stop and I just needed some rest!


  1. How exciting to perform during halftime!! I'm back in Seattle now for Christmas and surprising my Dad with tickets for the game on the 29th, should be fun!!

    1. How cool! It should be a blast - I should really buy tickets one of these days!