December 30, 2013

Running Again, and 9 Year Anniversary

The day after Christmas, on JW and I's 9 year anniversary, I decided to go out for a run in my new running shoes. It was absolutely glorious and I would have gone on for so many more miles if I had the time - but I had to go home to get ready for our anniversary date.

The first two miles were with my dog, and the last two were just by myself.

I love that I can still run fast and even with a dog, my first mile was 9'20"- I still remember when I first started running and I thought it was a triumph if I got close to a 10 minute mile. Now 9 minute miles are starting to become my norm! It's a great feeling.

My shoes and new water bottle are awesome - the Wave Rider 17s make my feet feel awesome, and the water bottle fits nicely in my hand and is a great way to sip on water without carrying around a heavy belt around my waist. Pictures to come!

Later that night, JW and I went on a date at Al Biernat's.

This dress has gotten a lot of use this holiday season!
We were literally the only people in the restaurant...
Granted, not many people eat dinner at 5:30pm...
We told the waiter it was our anniversary and he surprised us with this free dessert!

It was quite delicious :)
All done with dinner!
After that, we went to the mall and saw American Hustle. It was okay - I don't think either of us were in an artsy film kind of mood, so it felt like it dragged.

That night, we met some of our friends from Seattle whose families live in Texas (like us!) in Southlake and hung out until 2am. We went to Whataburger and it was glorious. We just had to get in a Whataburger visit while we were in Texas!! I was pretty tired from the days events so I didn't take any pictures, but I'm sure you can imagine it.

Clearly you can see that South Beach has gone out the window, but as it should - being on a diet between Christmas and New Years just seems wrong. We'll be back on track after New Years..... maybe. :D