December 29, 2013

Christmas Day

Christmas morning started bright and early at the Peters' house - we were up at 7:45am ready to tackle those presents. At JW's house, the tradition is to open the stockings first, then pass out every present, and then take turns opening them and showing what they got. It was a different tradition, but I'm all up for diversity!
They even had a hat for me!
We had a few cinnamon rolls while we opened presents. I got some pajama pants, a scarf (pictured above), a phone charger for my car, some nail polish, and a few flashlights. The biggest presents were from his parents - I got a spa package from Red Door, and they bought us two nights at the Gaylord for after our wedding before we go on the honeymoon. Such a thoughtful gift that we will truly enjoy!

Around 10, my sister picked us up and drove us to our parents house so we could open presents with my parents. Our tradition is for me to pass out one round of presents at a time, we each open at the same time, and then I grab another set of presents for everybody. Then we open stockings!

our tree, and my dad and my stockings
Socks for mittens

a silly picture!

I got everything on my Christmas list, including new running shoes!! I was so stoked! I also got a nice lounging robe from Anthropologie (yesss!), comfy pants, and a board game.

We ate breakfast (waffles, sausage, bacon!), changed clothes, and then headed back over to the Peters' house for Christmas lunch.

JW and Rachel

We bonked heads right before this picture was taken.. haha!
After eating some of the most amazing food (christmas really is just filled with the best food ever), my dad picked us up to start the journey to Granbury, about an hour and a half away.. for another meal. If anyone is keeping track, that's two breakfasts and two lunches so far.

Aunts and Uncles on the couch during presents
Jacob was our Santa
We left Granbury around 7 and got home around 8:30. We dropped by the Peters' for about an hour before we ended the night at my house. It was a good day, just long! I was so happy to have survived the Christmas marathon! :D

You ready for New Year's? I'm not! :P

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