December 31, 2013

5 Miles After Falling

Welp, it happened. I fell during a run. Ow!

On the 29th, I was starting my run with Chilly, and he was on the wrong side of me, so I was trying to maneuver him to the opposite side of me while I was trying to run alongside the turn of a curb. This was literally within the first 0.2 miles. I must have tripped over my own feet, because before I knew it, Chilly was on the opposite side of me but I was on the sidewalk!

A cold and dreary day for a fall :(
I had so many things in my hand (new water bottle in one hand, leash in the other) that I landed on my knees and then threw my hands out in front of me to stop the skid. See the scratches on my new water bottle in the first photo? ...Damn.
This must be his "I'm sorry" face.
I finished 2 miles with Chilly, dropped him off at home, and then completed 3 more miles by myself. My ankle was kind of bothering me and the wind was making the temperature feel about 10 degrees colder than it was, so it really just wasn't a pleasant run at all. 

37 degrees!! :( :(

At least I was wearing my new gear?

Wave Rider 17s
10oz water bottle
I'm glad I ran, but am upset that my ankle still kind of hurts and that it was so cold. Oh well. Not all runs can be fantastic!

Ever fallen during a run?

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