November 6, 2013

5 Miles is Now Difficult...

Man, running a marathon really messes with your brain in a lot of ways. Suddenly, two and a half weeks after I ran 26.2 miles, 5 miles seems like a chore. 5!! What is happening?!

Since Daylight Saving Time (which I always want to call Daylight Savings) the night is coming to Seattle around 4:30. 4:30!! Which means the window for running in the daylight hours is becoming smaller and smaller. Yoga has taken up most of my morning time, as well as, you know, my full-time job - and before I know it, it's dark outside. Well, shit.

This just means more treadmill miles. Womp-womp!

I kind of decided at the beginning of this run that it would be a "slow" one. What's slow on the treadmill is so much different than outside, though - I really hate it. But what am I doing right now? Sitting inside, typing up this blog post, while it's daylight outside and I could be running 4 miles. But.. you have so much TV to watch! Yes, self, I do. And watching it on the treadmill rather than sitting on my ass is definitely a positive. But still. What am I doing? 

My current goal, or what I'm "in training" for (hence this blog title), is to get a PR on my next half marathon in December. At this rate, skipping a 10 mile workout and running more than half of my runs on the treadmill, it's not going to go well. Regardless of how awesome and amazing my 7 mile Vegas run was... I just don't foresee a PR happening. Should I change my goals? Should I continue to strive and be disappointed? I'm not really sure.... I guess we'll just have to see how the rest of these runs go.

Next up: Vegas Recap!


  1. I feel ya! I am running a half in Dec, too. Not planning to PR, but want to to run it strong. All the running you have done for the marathon definitely helps!

    1. Exactly - I want to run strong, and not end the year on a bad racing note. But lately I just don't have the energy to run every day. :/