November 5, 2013

You Can Run, Even in Vegas!

Hey y'all! I'm back from Vegas!

I didn't bring my computer while I was over there- otherwise I would have posted at least something this weekend. I realized in my last post that I didn't even mention anything about going to Vegas- I also didn't even tell my parents I was going. Whoops! :P

This'll be the running part of the trip, and I'll update y'all later with the trip itself. Because it was AWESOME.

Saturday was our last day staying in the Flamingo and our first day staying in our friend's house, about 10 miles away from the Strip. As soon as we got in, I felt the URGE to run in the fantastic Vegas weather, so that's exactly what I did.

IT WAS AWESOME. All while I was running, I kept thinking, "Look at these amazing views! The first thing I need to do after I stop running is take a picture!" And what did I not do? Take any pictures. FAIL.

The run felt SO GOOD. I hadn't run for three whole days (and even then it was only 3 miles!) so I felt really well rested, even with the amount of partying we did. I told my friends that I'd be gone for an hour, so I really wanted to see how many miles I could run in that hour. Well, my friends, looks like that number is 7! I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. PLUS look at those nice negative splits at the end!

Unfortunately, now my running schedule is completely off track. I should have run 6 miles last Wednesday night, and I didn't. Then I had to run 4 miles Thursday morning before we left - and I didn't. I was supposed to run only 5 on Saturday. Here's how I figure it... I just change the 6/4 to a 7/3 and then I'm only a few days behind!

Well friends, on Sunday, the day I wanted to run 3 miles, I got home from the airport with a fever. A fever! What! It really really sucked. No running that day. So 3 miles had to wait until Monday... night. Ugh! I keep putting these things off.

It was the most sluggish I've felt running 3 miles in a while. :/


I would assume that I'm finished with tapering from the marathon and I'm in full-on training mode for the half. But, I haven't done any long runs. Now I'm behind 19 miles. How do you catch up from that?! Today I'm planning on running 5... maybe I just skip the 10 mile run and go right on to the 12 mile run this Saturday and just run as much as I can in-between.

If I run 5 today and skip the 10 miler, then I'll have 19 miles spread over 4 days to catch up on. Meh- I'm not really sure what I can or should do! Usually I never get this behind on running schedules.

Any advice?


  1. I don't think you need to worry yourself trying to fit in all those runs. You just finished your marathon so your at a huge advantage already with training. I think 2-3 runs max a week is plenty! I've only been running twice a week, a 4 miler Tues or Wed and then my long run on Sunday and my runs are still improving, I'm too scared to run more than that cause I don't want to over do it and get injured. Fit in what you can and enjoy it so it doesn't become a stressful thing :)

    1. Thanks for the advice Pamela! I think I'm definitely gonna make running take a bit of a backseat and focus more on the yoga for now. I feel a bit better now! :)