November 25, 2013

Hello from Dallas!

Helloooo blogging world! Why does it feel like, when I take just a smidgen of time off, it feels like it's been forever since I've been on here??

Oh well. I'm writing from Dallas. It's cold here.

 A lot has happened since I arrived, both positive and negative:

  • We got here without a hitch (winter weather in Dallas, but no delays! Yay!)
  • We met with our officiant
  • My grandmother broke her hip :(
  • I think I found my wedding dress??
  • I've seen most of my family and had lottsssss of mexican food. Yesss.
It's been glorious, but I realized that I never posted about my run the other day- the last one before we left for Dallas.

It was hard but not too bad. I was supposed to run 8 miles on Sunday the morning that we left, but that just didn't happen. (What's new???) I feel sooo unprepared for the half on Sunday - and especially unprepared for the 5K on Thursday. Eek. I want to be fast but I know I haven't been training for it - I feel like I'm gonna go way too fast way too soon on both races and end up screwing them both.

I guess we'll just see what happens?

Some nice scenery pictures before I go - 

Taken from the plane
And finally, me and my dog, reunited again!!

Tomorrow morning we're taking our engagement pictures, I'm getting my hair cut, and hopefully running 2 miles so I have some rest time before the Turkey Trot on Thursday.


  1. Hope your grandmother is ok?

    I miss Texas Mexican food so much! Taco Cabana!!

    1. She's doing okay - she had surgery and is in a rehab facility now. I just hope everything continues to look up! :)

      Tex Mex is the best!!