October 8, 2013

Knee Issues

I skipped my workout on Monday - I was supposed to run 6 miles, but there were a few factors that deterred me from really pushing to complete it:

  1. My knee has been bothering me ever since my 15 miler on Saturday. I've worn my knee brace to rehearsals and during the day, and I didn't want to push it.
  2. I was waiting on an important phone call on Monday morning. I didn't want to be in the midst of a run when they called, so I was chained to my desk and my phone for the morning.
  3. I had the first day of Snowflake Lane rehearsals from 12-3, so it was a large chunk of my day.
  4. The important phone call was returned in the afternoon, and I was busy with that until 4.
  5. I had a callback at 8 that night, until 11.

Basically, I didn't want to run in-between the phone call and the callback, because I'd have to shower twice. Meh. I just pushed it to Tuesday morning. Unfortunately it was entirely in the rain.. ah, well.

It was an okay run - I wasn't pushing myself because of the knee issues (which have now fortunately disappeared, yay!) and I listened to my audiobook.

It rained the entire time, but I didn't feel my knee twinge once! Yay.

How is your training going?


  1. how did your callback go, did you get cast? Hope it went well!

    I've got 9 miles on the books this Friday, eeek! It's been awhile since I've run that far.

    1. They'll let us know if we got cast in a week or two. I'm sure I'll mention it if I do! :)

      9 Miles - You can do it!! You got this!!

  2. Thanks!! Of course London weather is pretty much Seattle weather so it looks like it may be a wet 9 miles!

    ps I decided to start a blog! not sure why but its saying Im anonymous when I try to comment through wordpress, but heres the link if you wanna check it out! :) http://nutsfornutritionblog.wordpress.com/