October 11, 2013

Catching Up

Lots and lots of workouts since I last posted. I've been trying to catch up ever since I took an unexpected day off on Monday, but that plus rehearsals for a new project I'm working on plus subbing for what was essentially four classes at a dance studio... Let's just say I was pressed for time to write a blog post about it all.

Now I've finished my voice lesson for the day and finally have the time to give y'all an update!

On Wednesday I had two workouts to do. First to complete was the NTC Beginner Get Lean Jump Start.
Two Minute Warm-Up
12 Minute First Round with 30 Second Recovery
8 Minute Second Round with 30 Second Recovery
5 Minute Third Round (no recovery)
2 Minute Cool-Down
Then, I ran 4 miles on the treadmill.

Then, I walked an extra .67 miles to round out my time on the treadmill to 1 hour.
I was pretty wiped after both of these workouts!

On Thursday, after my rehearsal and subbing two classes, it was back to the gym with another 30 minute NTC workout: Beginner Get Strong Muscle Definer.

3 Minute Warm-Up
11 Minute First Round (no recovery)
10 Minute Second Round (no recovery)
3 Minute Third Round (no recovery)
3 Minute Cool-Down
I was super fatigued after this workout.

FINALLY, while watching The Price is Right this morning, I completed the Gabby Douglas Perfect Alignment workout.

And now I'm finally all caught up! Tomorrow is my last "long" run - 12 miles - and then I run 8 miles on Monday. Then it's no running until the day before the marathon... eep!

As the marathon looms into view, I find that I'm getting more and more nervous. The running dreams have returned - I dreamed that I was going on a road trip but by running, without a car. Phew! That'd be exhausting. I'm trying to calm down and not really think about it, but I find myself worrying about small things like if the plane will be delayed or if I'll get to the expo on time, etc. etc. I'm sure it'll be fine... I just have to stop worrying!

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