October 13, 2013

12 Miles and OU STILL SUCKS!

Saturday was a big day and started pretty early for me with an easy 12 miler. Did I ever before think that I would call running 12 miles "easy"? No. But perspective, people... 12 miles is certainly easier than 20. I realized the other day that I ran over a half marathon distance for the whole month of September and the first weekend of October. Whoa!!

I accidentally forgot to change the setting on my Nike Plus app to Outdoors, so it really just tracked my pace rather than by GPS. Fortunately it was still syncing up with the mile markers on the trail so I'm sure I still ran 12 miles.

No map :(

Sweet - Negative Splits to the halfway point at least!

Sunshine through a sea of clouds
49 degrees is coollddd! For some reason it felt so much different than 55 degrees, which is the median temperature of my last few runs. I wore my fleece while driving, but ended up wearing it during my run because I was so cold. I wonder what the weather will be like in San Francisco on Sunday...

Right now weather.com says there's 0% chance of rain and it'll be mostly sunny. Well that's exciting! All this next week, Seattle is supposed to be sunny, too. I'm so excited!! I feel like the last week has been a mess of clouds.

After I ran 12 miles, I watched the Texas/OU game at 9am and let me just say HOOK 'EM!!!

Oldie but a goodie- me with really short hair!
Circa 2011 - Bevo!!!

Me and my mom with Hook 'Em!
I got pride. We rock. :)

Then I went to the U-District to host one of The Dinner Detective Shows. If anyone is interested in tickets, click on the image below!

I stayed at the site until about 10:30, and then met JW at our friend's apartment in Seattle for some Dirty Scrabble. Words like "Boytoyin'", "Sexloaf", and "Vlag" were used. Use your imagination ;)

We left around 1:15 and I hit the sack as soon as I got home. We didn't wake up until 1:30pm! I sure did need it.

What's Next:

I need to be sure I get enough sleep, eat fairly well, and mentally prepare for Sunday's marathon. Technically I need to decide before Monday if I'm going to be running in the Seattle marathon, but I'm leaning towards no since I feel a little burnt out. I think I'll take the time between after I finish the marathon and Christmas to do some yoga, strength train, and SLEEP so I feel refreshed and recovered. In my heart, I want to run more than one marathon, I know I do. But if I push it to run two races within 6 weeks of each other, I'm afraid I'll get sick of it. 

I'll let you guys know what I'm up to. I'm always in training for something (hence the name of this blog!) and I won't stop posting after the marathon! :)

Preparing for a race? Which one?


  1. 12th mile as the fastest mile, that's awesome!

    I also enjoyed watching the Sooners lose! :)