September 5, 2013

Hills on the Treadmill

Hills = suck. Treadmill = suck. Hills + Treadmill = ..... UGH.

On Wednesday, I got up really early (well, OK, 8am is still early) to fit in my Treadmill Hill workout before my voice lesson at 11. Since it was on the treadmill, I had to hold my phone, which I don't think is accurate at all...oh well.

I started the first three miles at an incline of 2.5, with the speed at 5.8. I finished with two miles on 1.0 incline, and the last mile at no incline. I'm pretty sure my pace was only so "fast" since I was pumping my arms more because I was making SO much effort to keep up. Running at that incline is hard!

I'm feeling super sore because we're now officially in tech week for the musical that I'm in, so I'm spending extra hours dancing, learning lines, and sitting in the car. I'm really feeling it in shoulders, but I think that's mostly because I'm slouching at my desk. Am I crazy for wanting to get a massage at this point? Is it bad to get a massage in the middle of marathon training?

I have one NTC workout to complete today, and then tomorrow JW and I are going Whale Watching! The good news is I'll do my workout after we get back, and it's a short 15 minute one. On Saturday.. I conquer 16 miles. Aaahhh!! I'm so nervous!!

Wish me luck!


  1. How are rehearsals going in the new role?

    Have fun whale watching, so exciting!

    Good luck with your 16 miles, hopefully your new shoes will have broken in a bit more and not so painful, I'm sure you'll do awesome since you still had energy in the tank to make your 14th mile your fastest! :)

    1. Rehearsals are going well, thank you for asking! I've memorized my lines and finally received my blocking, which is a sigh of relief.

      Unfortunately, though we got to Victoria and everything, our Whale Watching tour was cancelled on account of fog :(! I'll probably make a post about it pretty soon.

      Thanks for the well wishes on my run - I kept thinking about what you said while I did it, which made me realize I always still have energy when I run, and sure enough the 16th mile was the fastest! :D