September 7, 2013

16 Miles: Both Sluggish and Surprisingly Not Sluggish

Oh my god, y'all. I've never seen so many slugs in my LIFE. Big, ugly, fat brown slugs, just mozying across the pathway, asking to get run over. I saw quite a few (re: at least 8) that had been split open and their guts were spewed out everywhere. GROSS. I screamed an actual scream when I saw the first one, and by the 20th (LITERALLY) I couldn't really find the energy to care, I was so numb to the shock of seeing them.

I'm pretty sure I hate slugs because my mom hates slugs. Mom, you wouldn't even be able to handle the size of these slugs. They were at least as long as my middle finger, if not longer. I think most of the shock was that they looked like sticks from far away (THEY WERE THAT BIG), and then once I got closer and saw it's little antennae (or its guts spewed everywhere), I nimbly (re: awkwardly) jumped over them and made sure not to squish them further. Ughhhh.

I know why they were out there. It had just rained in Seattle (I know, big surprise) and it was the early morning, so I guess they were all out to party. (What do slugs even eat? How do they survive?) There's supposed to be a "Paws Walk" on the trail this morning - I hope they all get trampled and/or eaten by dogs. No, wait. That would be mean to the dogs.

ANYWAYS. The first half of my run was much more positive, although there were several instances where I felt like I was running through cobwebs. It was bunny-filled and cute. Seriously, I saw like eight bunnies. Their little white cotton tails darted away as I approached. Aghhh so cute!! And they're SPEEDY little fuckers. I couldn't believe how fast they were darting away - I couldn't really keep track of them after they had scurried off. I wish I was that fast!

Super cute!!
I almost named this post "16 Miles: Bunnies and Slugs" but then after seeing all the damn slugs on the way back (How did I miss them before?? Was it too dark to see? Did I step on any of them?) I HAD to put the focus on the slugs.

Onto the run. Woof, 16 miles. It was pitch black when I started - I had rehearsal at 10am this morning so I had to get out there pretty early - so I brought my bike light and attached it to my water belt. It sufficed. I have to invest in an actual running light if I'm going to do that often.

Slowest mile: Mile 9. Fastest: Mile 16!
I had my banana-blueberry puree beforehand, as well as a KIND bar.

I ate Clif Shot Bloks at Miles 1, 5, 8, 10, 12, and 14. I do see a positive correlation between speed and when I took the Shot Blok, so maybe it was related?

I'm proud of my average time, but I was definitely hurting at the end of this run. Plus the idea of going to rehearsal afterwards... ugh, not cool. I survived at rehearsal, but only just.

I forgot to mention, during my 14 miler last weekend, I wore my UT hat because the first game of the season was being played that day.

As I ran, someone running the opposite way thrust their hand towards me, forming the UT sign as they passed! I LOVE meeting UT fans up here in the Pacific Northwest! It makes me nostalgic for college.

JW and I at graduation. Hook 'em!!
We went to Laredo's in Seattle to watch the game, where we won. Right now we're watching the game against BYU on ESPN and I must say we're doing a pretty shitty job. SIGH. Football season... gotta love it!

At Laredo's last weekend
I'm happy the run is over, but per usual, I'm worried about next weekend's 18 miles, along with Opening Night on Friday! Eep!

How was your long run this weekend? Ever encounter slugs?


  1. holy crap you ran all the way to woodinville and back, that's awesome! really good pace and consistent miles and your 16th mile as the fastest! You make it seem so easy :)

    Is there a trail that goes out towards Woodinville? I used to run on the Burke-Gillman trail in Bothell, it's so pretty there, I think the trail goes all the way around Lake Washington which is pretty cool.

    1. You're so sweet! It definitely was NOT easy :)

      I run on the Sammamish River Trail, which actually connects to the Burke-Gillman trail in Bothell. It's nice- sometimes I get a big whiff of creek smell, but other than that (and it being overpopulated at times), I like it. Do you like the Burke-Gillman trail?

  2. I really like it cause it's tucked away and foresty and I don't have run down the roads by cars, but it's only when I'm at my Dad's for vacation so I'm usually doing a lot more eating so only running a few miles :)

    good luck with your 18!