August 15, 2013

The Wrong Work-Out

I was supposed to do this workout on Tuesday, but I procrastinated again and ate too many sweet potato fries at dinner, and I ended up falling asleep around midnight. D'oh!

I woke up early-ish, ate breakfast, and ended up doing this workout on Wednesday morning.

The Advance Get Strong Power Up requires 10lb-20lb weights, and 10 lbs was a struggle for me. I finally remembered to bring my yoga mat and I decided to wear my colorguard gloves to protect my hands from being hurt on the weights.

Guard Gloves

This was a workout of two circuits with a warm-up, an ab section, and a cool-down. I'm finally getting used to that structure, but I still don't agree with no recovery periods. I just paused the app when I needed to!

Two 10 Minute Circuits

Ab Section

Apparently, when I first went to the NTC "app" (which is actually a webpage), the workout for today called for The Sydney Leroux 15 Minute Power workout. I didn't think that the schedule would change. In any case, that workout wasn't in the NTC app, which was frustrating.

I searched for it online, found it, grabbed it via, and put it on my iPad to do at the gym. About 3 hours later, I checked my NTC "app" and saw that it had changed to the Hope Solo workout. Oh well! Wrong workout. At least I did something for 15 minutes, right?

The Sydney Leroux workout also included weights, so I switched between 10lbs and 5lbs. In hindsight, I should have used 8lbs instead of 5lbs... oh well.

Playing the video from my iPad
Here's the video.

I was pretty sweaty by the end of it all, and welcomed the end of the 45 minute workout!

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