August 16, 2013

I Failed NTC

I suck!

On Thursday, I was supposed to complete the NTC Advance Get Toned Total Impact. I got sidetracked before I went to my last day of camp (Hallelujah!!!) and was mentally preparing to complete the workout after my rehearsal ended at 10, but I got to the camp a little early and decided - you know what? It doesn't matter I don't have weights, and it doesn't matter that I won't complete the workout right now. I have 30 minutes to kill (literally 30 minutes of nothing to do) so I might as well make my workout tonight a little shorter, if I can.

I started a little after the 30 minute mark, so I knew I wouldn't be able to finish even 20 minutes, but I figured it was at least something. I warmed up: gliding, skipping, and jogging around the space. I got on the floor to do Full Extensions when the church advisers came in and started chuckling at me, laying on the ground that had never been vacuumed and getting tired before the kids even arrived. I brushed it off, chuckled with them, and continued to workout.

I got all the way to the 30 minute mark (15 minutes completed, shown above) when I had to call it quits. My motivation was seriously lacking, and though I was using my water bottle as my weight, it kept getting lighter and lighter as I drank more and more water, and it just wasn't working. I was also getting sweaty, and it was muggy outside, so there was no relief - plus I wouldn't be able to take a shower for 9 more hours, and wanted to be sure I didn't stink.

In-between camp and rehearsal, I went to Starbucks and picked up a Grande Mocha Frappuccino Light, and ate one of their Bistro boxes. I was still hungry after I finished, but had to run to rehearsal. On the way, I stopped at a gas station and picked up another Power Crunch Bar.

I'm pretty sure that's the last time I'm ever going to eat one of those bars. The last time I ate a Vanilla flavored one, I felt absolutely terrible afterwards. This time, I got chocolate, and felt lethargic and nauseous during rehearsal. No thank you! I don't know what it was, but I would love to never feel that way again.

So, of course, I got home still feeling sick, and went to bed. I didn't finish my workout. I suck.

On the bright side, at least I completed 15 minutes of it. Right??

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  1. Yes! 15 minutes is better than nothing, you seem to be crazy busy and doing your runs too, sometimes it can't and shouldn't all be done!