August 8, 2013

Shark Week NTC

On Tuesday, I completed the Intermediate Get Strong Perfect Score, a 30 minute NTC workout. I find that 30 minute workouts are so much more manageable than 45 minute workouts!

I watched an episode of Shark Attack Survival Guide on Shark Week while I worked out. I must say I'm not really into the whole Shark Week thing, but at least it's something to watch while I work out.

This NTC workout involved weights, and I used my 8lbs again which proved to be QUITE the challenge.

The space that I used to work out, with my 8lbs dumbbells

3 Minute Warm Up

12 Minute Circuit, followed by a nearly identical 10 Minute Circuit. 
The only difference between the first and second circuits were that the Walk Outs and Step Back Lunge were only 1 minute.

3 Minute Abs

2 Minute Cool Down
The workout was pretty manageable, but the planks really killed! My upper body was so sore the next day!

Which do you prefer: Upper body or Lower body workouts?

Do you live for Shark Week?

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