August 7, 2013

Neighborly 8 Miles

On Monday, I did something strange. I ran 8 miles, but around my neighborhood.

I woke up at 5:15, and reset my alarm to 5:30. I almost reset it again, thinking about what other time during my day I could do this 8 mile run. I did a quick mental check- after my voice lesson at 11? No, seeing as how it takes 40 minutes to get there and another 40 to get back, I'd get back with just enough time to pack my lunch and go to After Care camp. Okay, what about after camp? Nope, I have rehearsal in Seattle that I have to drive through traffic for, that starts an hour and a half after camp ends. Not enough time for an hour and 20 minute run. Rehearsal was supposed to end at 10 that night, and I certainly didn't trust myself enough to want to run 8 miles at the end of that day.

So, I forced myself out of bed at 5:40, thinking that I'd try running around the neighborhood to change up my routine.

I ate half of a Clif Mojo bar and took along some Clif Shot Bloks with my water belt, and I was on my way. I literally had no idea where I was going to go around my neighborhood - I don't exactly live near flat streets, so I didn't want to suddenly find myself at the foot of a massive hill. I also didn't know how street lights were going to be - would I have to stop for all of them, or was it early enough that there weren't that many cars out? It turns out that it was the latter - fortunately, every time I came across a crosswalk that didn't say Walk, I ran anyways because there were no cars in sight. I also got to see the sun slowly come up over the buildings, which was pretty cool. It was a gorgeous day- so gorgeous I even stopped around Mile 3 to take a picture of how the sun looked over the lake. It also felt glorious - slight breeze and in the low 60s. Love it!!

So calm and peaceful!
Wearing sunglasses on your head is the new thing.
Unfortunately, it wasn't my best run, speedwise. I figured all the changes in direction and new territory really effected my speed.

Sooooo early. My run looks like a person! See the square head?

Soooo slow. :/
I got home and quickly took a shower and put on my compression socks. Aaahh!

The rest of my day went fairly smoothly. There's definitely something to be said about doing runs in the morning! I love getting them out of the way!

Where you do run? Around a track, on a trail, or around neighborhoods?


  1. Aw Seattle is so beautiful in summer mornings! My dad is from Seattle so I was born there, and my mom from Texas so I grew up in San Antonio and have been going back to Seattle every summer. I just got engaged too so will be getting married in Seattle next August! How do you like living in Bellevue? Do you think you'd move back to Texas?

    1. We have so much in common!! Congratulations on your engagement! What an exciting time :)

      Bellevue summers are great - it's the winters that I'm having trouble with! We're not settled down in any place - I love Texas, I was born there (in Dallas) and the rest of my family is there, so it wouldn't be out of the question to go back at some point! I'm getting married in Dallas sometime next Spring :)

    2. Thank you! Yeah I always said I could never live in Seattle because of the weather after growing up in Texas weather, but I live in London now and its just as rainy! but at least Seattle is a beautiful city and as I'm getting older where my family are is definitely where I'd like to be.

      I'll be back in Seattle in December, can't wait to start doing wedding cake and food tastings :)

  2. I switch my runs up all the time: trails, bike paths, neighborhoods. It all depends on my mood and how many miles I need to get in that day :)

    1. So true! I find that switching it up really helps to keep things interesting.