August 4, 2013

7 Early Miles and the Longest Day Ever

Friday was KILLER.

My day started at 5:15am, waking up early so I could conquer a 7 mile run before I had to teach a tap workshop at 9am. I didn't eat anything beforehand, but I brought the Clif Shot Blok's with me to eat during the run. I got to the park so early that the police car was still parked doing overnight duty...! I passed a lot of bikers, so I wasn't alone, but it felt a little surreal that I was doing physical activity at 5:57am.

I saw exactly 4 cottontail bunnies and like, 20 geese. I'm actually getting kind of scared now that the geese will start to charge at me as I run towards them - they're known to be not very nice animals. I didn't see any deer today, and was a little disappointed but accepted it as a rare occurrence.

Of course, it started raining about 2 minutes into my run. I quickly shoved my iPhone holder under my sleeve so it wouldn't get wet - it was pure luck that I had decided to wear long sleeves. It soon started pouring, and really didn't let up until about Mile 4. Being in Seattle, I'm used to the rain- but lately we've had the most gorgeous weather, so I was a little bitter. I don't think I'm ready for summer to end just yet!

Obviously I didn't burn 1 Nike Fuel point. Fail, Nike.
I decided to run 2 miles out, 2 miles back one way; and 1.5 miles out, 1.5 miles back the other way. I did this to further split the 7 miles into something a little more manageable so early in the morning. After I ran 2 miles and turned around, I was feeling so unmotivated - I still saw, in my mind's eye, how far I still had to run (plus I knew I ruined my chances of all negative splits) and wanted to stop as soon as I passed my car, around Mile 4. But I didn't - I ate some Shot Bok's and kept going, looking for more wildlife (this is why I love running outside- so much to see!) and making up choreography to go with the music I was listening to (something else I do to keep my mind off of the running itself).

Other than that, the run was quite uneventful- just wet. It was a bittersweet end- I was happy that it was done with, but the run being finished with just meant that my day had just begun.

Damn 3rd mile.
I got home at 7:15, hopped in the shower, and was out by 7:30. I did about 30 minutes of work, and then started gathering my materials and food to pack for my day. I’d be out of our apartment and busy until late that night, so I needed to be prepared so I wouldn't be starving all day.

I packed: 1 banana, a cup of Fage 0% Greek Yogurt, 4 Belvita Apple Cinnamon Biscuits, 40g of pitted prunes, and 1 Power Crunch Bar (Vanilla flavor).

My tried-and-true breakfast!
The most delicious protein bar I've ever tasted. Source.
While I packed, I fixed myself some breakfast: a fried egg in between a toasted whole wheat English muffin that was spread with Laughing Cow Light White Cheddar cheese. I suppose I made my own little Egg McMuffin, minus the meat, and about 70 less calories.

I was out the door by 8:45, and arrived at my tap workshop 15 minutes later. I taught three one hour classes to ages 5-10, and ate everything I packed except for the Power Crunch Bar.

Four hours later, I left to go to After Care. I set up everything and ate my Power Crunch Bar while I waited for the kids to show up. Four hours later, I was leaving again.

I left camp, driving home in the rain, and came home and ate the last of the homemade pizza (264 calories a slice) we had made the previous night- delicious! We quickly left our apartment to go to downtown Seattle to see Pirates of Penzance at 5th Avenue Theatre.

We got there earlier than expected, and JW hadn't eaten yet, so we decided to go to Qdoba. Even though I had already eaten, everything smelled too good to pass up. 

I ended up getting a Naked Taco Salad (45 calories) and 2 Tacos (430 calories), along with a few bites of chips, queso, and guacamole. FINALLY feeling full, we went back to the theatre and thoroughly enjoyed the show! We've had a great time subscribing to the 5th and will definitely do so next season.

We got back to our apartment around 11, and I was about ready to DIE from exhaustion. I slept so good that night! I thought I certainly deserved a restful weekend. :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I am exhausted reading about that day. I definitely would have needed to come home and crash rather than going out! Way to go on not passing up Qdoba!

    1. Qdoba was a wonderful end to that day!! :D