August 16, 2013

Changing Plans isn't Failure (plus 5 miles)

This whole week, I've felt like I've failed my workouts. But I have to remember, just because my run or weight training workout didn't happen when I wanted it to, or how long I wanted it to, or even where I wanted it to, I still succeeded because I did it!

It's so easy to get bogged down because plans change, but that's something I have to get used to - I have to be flexible, be open to switching things around, and realize that everything doesn't always happen exactly the way I plan it.

(I need to keep this in mind while I plan my wedding!)

Today, after failing changing my mind about running at 6am, and a whole bunch of things being cancelled (a Skype date with a friend and a voice lesson), I got my butt outside six hours later to run 5 miles.

I had no idea it was that hot!
 I ate two Clif Shot Bloks - one before the run, and one right in the middle. I've yet to determine if they actually make me faster.
No comment on that 4th mile!
This run had a lot of stopping and starting at the beginning while I was getting out of downtown, and then I conquered a lot of neighborhood hills. I got to look at some pretty neat houses, which was cool! I wonder how much they are...

I'm really happy to get this run out of the way so we can enjoy our Engagement Party tonight! :D Trying not to think about tackling 10 miles tomorrow...

How are your runs going, now that we're in August? Easier than July? 

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  1. Good luck on your 10 miler tomorrow! I'm sure you will kill it!