August 3, 2013

Beginning August with 8lbs

Thursday, the first day of August and at 9am in the morning (go me!), I completed my last NTC workout of the week: the Beginner Get Strong Total Adrenaline. I liked that it was only 30 minutes long and only required dumbbells. I used 8lbs.

The grey 8lbs dumbbells I used - the 10s were set up next to them, in case I wanted a challenge! (I didn't.)
Even though I've repeated several times that I hate circuits, I was in the mood for some mindless repetitions, which is exactly what this workout was!

5 minute warm-up
The main circuit, repeated 3 times
The slightly different, final circuit - basically substituting the Russian Twists with the 2 Feet Forward/Backward Hops in Place
3 minute cool-down
I had no idea why the last circuit was slightly different... oh well. It added some variety at the very end that I appreciated, I suppose.

I have to consciously make an effort to push myself during these workouts, especially if I'm by myself! It's SO EASY to slack off during the workout and go slow. I need to remember that these are JUST as important as my running days, if not more so. If I don't do the squats, then my legs won't be strong to do the mileage. It's just that simple!

Next time, I think I'll force myself to use the 10lbs!


  1. Great job on the 8's!
    I can't lift alone. If I do, I just get so lazy. I'm right there with you! It's good self discipline exercise though!

    Do you do NTC on your phone? Is the screen size a problem for you?

    1. Yes - I use it on my iPhone. The first day I used it, I tried it on my iPad, but that was useless because it was the exact same size as it was on the phone. I thought at first the size would bother me. Sure, it's small, but the sound is loud and if I need to watch how an exercise is done, I just pick up the phone and watch before setting it down again and doing the exercise. You get used to it!