July 15, 2013

Training Week #2

Hello again! I had a GREAT two rest days, spending some time at the mall primarily looking for a new sports bra. Unfortunately I ended up having to get it shipped (I will post a review later!) since they didn't have my size in store. I was also shopping for our upcoming NYC trip on Wednesday! More on that later!

Week #2 of training has officially started! I LOVE getting in my workout before noon. It just opens my whole day up.

I also love that I went running with the intention to not waste any time on laundry so it wouldn't turn into a Chandler-esque LAUNDRY ALL NIGHT - ALL NIGHT LAUNDRY! (I've been watching a lot of Friends recently, don't judge) and lo and behold, when I got back, the clothes were still turning in the washer! Yesss!! Now my sweaty self gets to handle freshly cleaned clothes. ...I may not have thought this all the way through.

Sorry I wore two different but very similar shades of green (you can see it peeking out in the picture above) - usually my sports bra and shirt color are much more coordinated. But it's laundry day! On top of that, blue sunglasses... and blue sneakers. Some days I just don't have it together, y'all.

Pre-workout fuel: My standard -
  • 1 cup 0% Fage Greek Yogurt
  • 4 Cinnamon Sugar Belvita Breakfast Biscuits
  • 1 80g banana
  • 60g Oatmeal
I ate this a little over 2 hours before my run, though, so can it even count as running fuel?
73 degrees felt nice, but in the sun it was waaaay too hot.

This was a decidedly easy run - even though that first 8'25'' does NOT look it. Most of the beginning was downhill, and I've said before that I have a big problem with starting out way too fast. I'm working on it! Also, the portion of the road that I was trying out ended up not having sidewalks on it, PLUS it was uphill, so I was silently cursing my planning.

Sooooo hot - but I did it! 

Post-workout: I drank this Lucerne "protein fortified dairy beverage" that has like 20g of protein. Granted, it also has 44g of SUGAR (yikes), but I mean, after running is the best time to drink this type of stuff anyways, right?? So there.

This is my last run in Washington, because on Wednesday we're going to NYC!! I plan to run in Central Park while I'm there, hopefully it won't be too terribly hot! But that's okay, since I'm from Texas, I can withstand the heat... right?

Can't wait to run in Central Park!
Do you like Friends? I find that people are in two different categories: Those Who Watch Friends, and Those Who Have No Interest In Friends. If you are in the latter, we probably won't be, ahem, friends.

Do you have a favorite POST-workout meal?


  1. I hope our twin names are strong enough to make you not hate me. I've never seen an episode of Friends! Ahh! It's not that I am not interested, but my freshman college roommate loved it. She and I did not like each other at all. So, I think I don't watch it because of her.

    I always have such a hard time making myself eat after working out! Running totally ruins any appetite I have. Today I had some frozen grapes and a bowl of tuna. Gourmet, right?

    1. Oh name-twin, I think we can get through this, I really do. A good explanation and an open mind are all I need :) (But seriously, if ever you find that you have a period of time where you have absolutely nothing better to do and want some mindless entertainment, start watching Friends. It'll start getting REALLY fantastic around the fourth season, so you have to invest some time.)

      I'm the same way - my appetite is always the smallest after I work out. But, I hear it's important to feed your muscles (or something, idk, I'm no expert) so I grabbed the first thing in the fridge that didn't require me to use any kind of preparation other than shaking a bottle. I'm not lazy at all...