July 15, 2013

Reviews: Nike Miler Dri-FIT Tee and Nathan Triangle Water Belt

Two reviews below:

I bought a new running shirt, pictured above - this is the Short-Sleeve Miler Dri-FIT Tee (Sport Turquoise), in Medium. It usually retails for $38, but I got it at Macy's for $13! Score!

Even though it was hot today, I didn't even notice the shirt - no chaffing, either. Sometimes, when I'm wearing cotton (my go-to), I feel it start to become heavy with heat and sweat, and I feel the fabric start to rub on me. Now that I think about it, it honestly didn't even feel like I was wearing a shirt! My torso felt cool even though the rest of me was burning up from the heat.

It's long on my short torso, but the product description says it hits at the hip, which I think would still be accurate for those lucky long-torso girls. The crew neckline wasn't too tight, and I preferred it to their V necks because I like a little more coverage when I run. There's a reflective loop at the back for media player chords, but I don't even know how that would work/help, so I didn't use it.

All in all, I'm VERY pleased with my purchase!

I also wore my water belt, the Nathan Triangle Insulated Angled Holster Waist Pack (say that 3 times fast), pictured below:

The back of the belt, with the 22oz water bottle.
It's not my favorite, I will say. It holds a 22oz water bottle, which I appreciate on long runs. But, without fail, some of the water always slips out before I get a chance to drink it, so I feel little drops of water on my heels in the first mile of running. Also, it's heavy - the website says the belt is 7.2oz, but then adding the 22oz water bottle, that's an added 1.8lbs on your torso that you have to lug around. 

I would rather wear it on my hips instead of my waist, but it never stays where I want it and keeps migrating upwards if I try to force it to stay. Then, most of my energy is focused on the damn water belt instead of my actual run. 

Resting on my waist, if the belt isn't tight enough, I can feel it bounce on my back, which is uncomfortable, but if it's too tight, then I feel kind of nauseous since it's sitting tight on my stomach. I'm definitely in the market for a new way to hydrate - I'm most interested in handhelds. Any advice?

What's your favorite running shirt? Your favorite water belt?


  1. I have tried a couple water belts and handhelds for hydration n long runs, but I have to say when I run long, I prefer a Camelbak in a pack on my back. A lot of people hate that the pack makes your back sweat, but I think it stays put in a way that belts do not and it leaves my hands free. Or I just pick a 5 mile loop and stash a water bottle and run the loop a couple times for a long run. That works well :) I've never had anyone steal my water and I do not mind the monotony of running a loop several times.

    1. I think I'll definitely look at a Camelbak! That seems interesting. I really hate the way belts bounce, and I don't think that holding a water bottle while I run would be very easy. Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. I have a Nike tank top that I like to wear. It's nice and cool and I always forget I am wearing it. I find with a lot of other shirts I have, the neck rides up and soon I feel like I am being strangled!

    I don't have a water belt, but I do have a belt and a water bottle! Haha. I use the SPI belt to hold my phone and keys when I run. It is phenomenal. I always forget that I am wearing it. If I don't shower as soon as I get back from running, I'll end up wearing it until I do shower. It's perfection. I also have a Nathan's handheld water bottle. I've only run with it 3 times, but I'm not sure how I feel about it. It only holds 8 ounces of water. It has a hand wrap which means I really don't have to hold it. It cradles in my hand perfectly. There is a small pocket in the front that I slip my debit card and ID in when I go out for a run. If you accidentally get it wet before going out for a run, it feels like you are running with a weight in your hand. Like I said, I'm still not sure about it.