July 12, 2013

Chipotle is the Best Motivator


Perfect weather!

I got this close to getting those negative splits I've been aiming for. Alas - had I been 9 seconds faster, I would have nailed it! I really need to work on not going out too fast. Now, I know all those 8's may seem super slow to you speedy racers, but damn, that's fast for me. When I first started running, I started out at barely an 11 minute pace, and I yes yes I know you have to start somewhere, but usually anything under 9 min/mile is pushing it for me.

Knowing that a 5K is .1 miles longer, and basing it off the average time of 8'33" (fastest this week!!), my 5K time would have been about 26:34, which is faster than my very first Turkey Trot! And this wasn't even a race! And it was mostly uphill! This is how I felt afterwards:

Another picture of my sweaty face (and sweat stains) - again, you're welcome.
I'm definitely going to try to incorporate more hills into my runs to get ready for San Francisco. I'm eager for Nike to release the course map so I can adequately gauge how intensely I need to train on hills, but until then, I can just make it my goal to add as many hills as I can. Although, it must be said that this run didn't have many flats runs on it - mostly either uphill or downhill.

Before my run, I ate this:

I'm not even sure if I can count that as my fuel source for my run, because I ate it about 3 hours before I went outside. I really wanted to go run earlier, but I kept pushing the time back because I felt tired and unmotivated.

Motivation is really becoming a problem for me - even just getting up out of my chair! Sometimes people say you just need to get dressed in your work out clothes and then it's automatic, but for me I just got dressed and then sat right back down and procrastinated some more.

By the time my boyfriend got home, I had migrated to lying on the couch in a lazy Friday afternoon haze. The only way he could coax me off the couch was by promising we would go to Chipotle when I got back from my run- boy did that get me out the door! What a great guy :). So, I could say it was the Larabar that made me run so fast... but it also might have been the promise of delicious Chipotle in my belly.

Well deserved and delicious chicken/steak salad! YUM.
So ends Week 1 of training! I have 2 rest days ahead of me that I'll be using to stretch and clean my damn apartment - I'll feel so much better after all of that is done!

Do you have a magic, pre-run bar/meal that you eat to ensure an awesome workout? 


  1. Chipotle is the best! And way to go on your splits. Keep going faster and it will get easier, but make sure you have plenty of easy run days as well to give your legs the chance to rest :)

    1. Ah yes, can't forget those easy run days :) Thanks for the reminder!

  2. You killed it! 8's are nothing to scuff at! I can barely keep an 11:40 pace. YOU are motivation! Also, chipotle is amazing. If it weren't for my bank account, I'd eat it daily. My go to pre-run breakfast is two pieces of whole wheat toast with peanut butter. It doesn't not ensure awesome-ness, but it is tasty and gives me energy!